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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Seriously Bad Advice

Nobody wants to listen to your bullshit.

As somebody who has had to have a wonderful holiday dinner ruined by leftist meat holes more than once - all I can say to the usual suspects is - do yourself a favour and STFU.

My last Christmas with the inlaws several years back was an exercise in sheer self control. They are all liberals, self proclaimed intellectuals and posturing, virtue-signalling academics - and listening to those shit birds left me just wanting to leave the table. I seriously thought about putting down the knife and fork, leaving, and going home to make a decent sammich and cracking a beer just to get away from the stupidity. The only reason I didn't was that they were my wife's family and she loved them. As it was we finished with decorum and left as soon as possible and I vowed I would never be in the same room with those people again. Praise and thank God - I had managed to keep my own yap shut. To this day I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten up and left. They certainly weren't worth the courtesy and respect I gave them.

Regardless of your political opinions, talking about them at what is supposed to be a happy family gathering is as bad mannered as burping or farting at the dinner table. I no longer make any bones about it - I tell people that want to regale me with tales of social justice, or give me a friendly jab with some political punditry - that I'm not interested and please keep your politics to yourself, thank you very much. I don't use holidays to force my opinions on you - the least you can do is return the favour. Keep things light and about sports, the family or friends. Watch your booze intake, stay away from the people that tick you off - and best of luck to ya. Remember, you're there to be happy, not to debate or fight.

Happy Turkey Day to the Yanks!


  1. Some folks aren't happy unless they're making other folks miserable.

  2. You did the right thing by staying at the table and keeping your pie hole filled with pie. People like that aren't about political opinions so much as they are about being right. They have defined themselves as being good people by adopting the platitudes and nonsense of the Liberal Left as their own moral code and compass to steer by - without bothering to ask a few questions. Cults of all sorts operate in this manner, by the way. Accept, don't question. The Liberal Left is no different.

    By sitting and remaining silent and civil while being insulted is a credit to your own morals and evident self-control. I think it's more than they would do were the situation reversed.

    For my part, my brothers and I used to enjoy getting good old Uncle Ned in his cups and then arguing politics with him, knowing that he'd eventually lose his temper and start making a scene, which in turn would activate his wife, Aunt Ann. Ann would get embarrassed over Ned's behavior, and when quietly trying to settle him down wouldn't work, she'd wait until they got home before giving him serious hell - which we all found amusing and funny. Poor Uncle Ned. Oh well.

    Although we shouldn't have gotten the old sot to dig himself into a pit, we always made it up to him one way or another. Ah well, such is family life.

    1. Hey you! Get back to work on that novel!!! I want to read it!!!! :)

      I suppose it all comes down to what kind of person you are. For me, I would rather share table scraps of canned meat with the dogs, rather than being goaded and taunted by leftist dregs that aren't fit to shine my shoes.

      It's easy to go too far with that crap especially with a snoot full of alcohol.