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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday With Uncle Bob And His Philharmonic Retard Orchestra

The biggest casualties were among the democrats - and
the wind section of the orchestra!
The fire department will use the jaws of life to get my
feet out of Quartermain's tuba.
I'll be alright!

It ain't right to gloat. There's nothing you can do or say that makes it right either. But - wow. Sometimes, that 97 pound weakling deserves that beating he gets because he has a ropey mouth!

I admit it - I laughed like hell at this (I ripped it off of Kate at Small Dead Animals). It is sooooo tempting to give these liberal assholes the finger and rub their noses in it - but truly, we have to keep our wits.

Those media slobs, the black baboon with the cell phone, the unfunny comedians... they are of less concern to conservatives now than the mud on our boots. (I may be Canadian but we have skin in this game too. We have all the same problems you do and you Yanks are our largest trading partner. Like it or not, we are in this together. (And for what it's worth, if we have to be in this kettle of fish, I can't think of any more noble and worthy friends to be in it with)). We had our laugh, now it's time to move on and leave the stupid kids to their tears and tantrums.

So, folks. You Yanks are 19 trillion simolians in the hole. Our fwench pipsqueak of a prime minister here is maxing out our credit cards the same way Obutthole did. How do we address this going forward? Off the top of my head, here are a few:

  • a chainsaw will need to be taken to the social programs. Our oldsters will take a hit, they will whine and bitch that they paid into them and now can't take advantage of them. Cry me a river - you voted for the politicians that pissed your finances away. Free money for niggers and stupid people will have to end. They have to either shape up and do for themselves or work on prison chain gangs. That isn't racism, that is social justice. Welfare will have to be reconstructed as workfare. Easy, right?
  • Working men and women like me will have to pay more taxes. I will piss and moan with my peers but really - we let ourselves be cowed into silence while politically correct morons ran our finances into the ground, and pissed away the birthrights of our kids. We didn't want to rock the boat, we didn't want to stir the pot, we didn't want to hurt people's feelings. Congrats, retards - this brings us to the next item.
  • The bawling lefties, the young homosexuals with the man buns, the obese, ugly feminists and all their Marxist enablers need to be dragged out of their safe places and given a damned spanking. A few should be horse whipped. Most of our universities are kindergartens for adults and need to be either pruned or shut down completely. Our kids have to grow up - fast.
  • We need to put a stake through the heart of our remaining SJW's. Today the corporations have devolved to the point where it is more important to hire women and minorities and protect their feelings and self esteem - than it is to be profitable. That has to change RIGHT NOW. Forget 'making America great again' - Americans need to make changes just to keep the business they have.
I know, I know - but have you got a better idea? Or did you expect Trump to magically make all that better? Consider all that. How is Trump (or anyone else) going to sell any of that to the people that call him a clown and sneer at his policies? And yet we must - or our grandkids' futures depend on it. And we sit here, mocking and deriding them the exact same way they did to us, which will earn us the same contempt it did for them.

We all gotta start thinking differently folks. My advice is to heed that of our preppers and elders. Many of them grew up during the tail end of the last depression and they are a fount of knowledge about the art of 'coping' and 'getting by'. Regardless of how things shape up going forward, these skills will be in high demand in the days ahead. If we were smart, we would prolly be bawling and crying too!

Life is not going to get better because Trump won the election.

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  1. Sorry Glen, I don't read posts with the word retard in them. That's because many so-called "retards" are far better people than most other folks.