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Friday, 4 November 2016

Tax The Chit Out Of 'Em!

I love rural people. They just seem to develop common sense on their own and applying it in life is taken for granted.

The idea of taxing the hell out of smokers to persuade them to give up the weed or finance out of control spending offends me on general principles too. I don't even agree with taxing them to offset the impact they have on healthcare systems. If you do that - what next? "Filthie - yer putting too much salt on that steak! And Jeez Louise - marbled meat? Have you ever heard of cholesterol? Are you actually going to drink that beer? I don't think so! What's this? That cup of pop is way too big!!! No, there'll be no dessert for you, ya fat slob!!! Your BMI is way too high..."

I have a message for you health Nazis out there:




No, I won't eat that bar of soap - it's not part of my diet regimen! HAR HAR HAR!!! This is why you Yanks need to turf Obuttholecare too - because this is exactly where your gubbiment is heading. You will be expected to foot the bill for gold plated health care but won't be able to access it because you smoke, or you weigh too much, or you aren't one of the cool kids. We had this same BS up here in Canada ages ago. The liberals and commie NDPers (we call these bungholes 'Dippers' when we're feeling charitable) - push Universal Healthcare as part of their mantra. But - when senior liberal and Dipper politicos get sick? Those assholes were on the first plane south to the posh private clinics in America. Former leftist slobs that did this include Jean Poutine Cretin and Gassy Jack Layton of the NDP. (Gassy once got caught with the johns when the RCMP raided a cat house - with an under age prostitute. I suspect that like Hillary Clinton, he got let off because he wasn't mentally fit to stand trial, HAR HAR HAR!)

In any event, this blog is getting awfully smelly because of all the politics going on. Rest assured, I shall dump the bowl and give it a rinse soon!

In the meantime, it's Friday. Eat what ya want and die like a man, dammit!

BBQ's at Uncle Bob's Treehouse!
That better be love and adoration going on, Chrome Dome!
If ya don't eat yer meat, ya don't get any pudding!!!
How can you have any pudding
if ya don't eat yer meat???


  1. Indeed, Glen; anyone down here who didn't think Odumbocare was anything less than a ploy to collapse private healthcare and usher in the new-world-order of "single payer" healthcare was either an illegal immigrant, on welfare already, or both. We keep trying to pull the chain on the dope-smokin' tribe that comes up with all this, but we end up finding that the pipes are already clogged with shyte and, strangely, deleted e-mails about yoga classes and wedding plans for someone's butt-ugly daughter...

    1. They drive ME crazy too! They yammer about how great Canada's health care is. Until recently you had to wait as much as 22 months for an MRI. We have waiting lists on services that would raise your hair in fright in the US - people are quietly dying in the waiting line ups - and like sheep, we just shrug and hope it doesn't happen to us! It's crazy.

    2. I keep trying to tell people this, but, as you know, a lemming doesn't know the meaning of the word "cliff..."