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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Three Hardest Things I've Done In My Life

In no particular order:

  • Going back to school and getting edjyacated: I was never a particularly bright pupil, and I have always sucked at math - so it made perfect sense to go into a STEM program. I was always swamped with assignments, labs and write-ups, and cramming for exams. I finished up in the top third of my class which is about as good as a dumb ass like me is gonna do.
  • Quitting tobacco. I love the weed, but I absolutely hated the addiction and the fact that the gubbiment was using tobacco to bend me over and give it to me up the hooper! A pack of smokes up here in Canada goes for - what? Over ten bucks, now? A tin of snuff has to be getting up there too. I quit on the day of my patron saint in 2009! I went cold turkey on April Fool's Day and have been clean ever since. I looked like a druggie in detox for about a month and had the shakes and pale, sickly look...then was owly as a bear for the next 6 months after that... and after that life got easier. I quit to flip the bird at the gubbiment, not to appease the health Nazis. (They can kiss my ass too, as far as that goes). Nor will I be one of those guys that figures that because he quit, everyone else should too. I can socialize with smokers but if asked, my stance is that if a guy like me can quit - you can too! Everyone quits when it's time for them.  Justin Turdo can recoup all the lost tax revenue from tobacco by going after the pot heads as far as I'm concerned - good luck with that, Justine!
  • Losing my daughter. I've spoken about that in these pages before but some heart breaks just don't heal up right. Suffice it to say I still struggle with it from time to time. I'm moving on but it's hard sometimes.

All that pales compared to the challenges ahead. I have to get serious about a healthy diet and exercise. Gawd, I love my grub. It's all my wife's fault of course - she is a superb cook... but that excuse only goes as far as you can throw it.

The time for New Year's Resolutions draws near. I might try getting healthy then... or maybe I might wait for April Fools in 2017.  :)


  1. Do it gradual if you can. Cold turkey doesn't work for EVERYTHING.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your daughter lost you too.

  3. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your daughter lost you too.

  4. I'm with you on the tobacco thing. I truly enjoyed smoking. When my Dr. told me I had diabetes and not quiting was not an option it was as much of a shock as the diabetes. I tried the cold turkey route three or four times over the next two years. But that and the high pressure of my job made me down right squirrelly. I can't speak for everybody but that Chantix stuff really worked for me. Less than three weeks and I was tobacco free and never looked back. Just my personal experience. Thought it on.