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Friday, 18 November 2016

The Value Of Trust

So the mainstream media is gazing deeply into its own collective navel, searching its collective soul and wondering how in blazes all their polls and pundits could have been so wrong about the last election.

Pull my other finger, guys. This introspection is a sham and a hoax, just like their political punditry and polls were. Those a-holes were lying and knew they were lying the second the words and polls tumbled from their word processors like turd from the arse! I've said it before and I'll say it again - the difference between socialists and fascists is purely conversational. If you look at your history books, they both have the same disregard for human rights, they both undermine the common man, they both employ scapegoats, useful fools for cannon fodder and betrayal as everyday operating procedure. If I were forced to make a distinction, I would say that fascism is more popular with the more intelligent human wretch than socialism is. I would rather face crony capitalists any day - if you're smart and lucky you can at least make a buck off them... but the socialists are far more likely to use you as cannon fodder for the fascists and vice versa.

In the run up to the election Trump and anyone that supported him were seen as fascist cannon fodder. Inevitably, some turd brained socialist media muppet would hop up on the soap box, strike a pose of historical authority, and quote Goebbles at the ignernt, eeeevil Trumpkins:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come
to believe it.
And then those media assholes would start telling big lies, often - and no doubt more than a few came to believe their own bullshit the same way the Nazis and Communists did. I swear - that was the quote I saw any number of times and thought nothing of it. On impulse I decided to look into that a little deeper... and of course, you find the actual quote in Wikipedia. (I suppose I should be using Info Galactic because Wiki has been subverted by the forces of evil - I'm still debating that). In any event:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Emphasis in italics are mine. The media morons only read the first sentence of that one and figured they had Trump beat.
How many American families grit their teeth in suppressed rage as their kids in the military were passed over for promotion so that a less qualified queer, or a woman could be affirmative-actioned into that role? How many Americans got sick of hearing how white cops shot black criminals and got pilloried for it... while the blacks chimped out at various race riots? How many got quietly sick and tired of being called racists and such - while a blind eye was turned to black racism like the Knock Out Game and the Black Lives Matter morons?
We all know the media is corrupt but I'm not sure everyone knows how bad the problem actually is. What tipped that for me was the Michelle Fields hoax. Remember that? The fearless, strong female chick reporter that went to the Donald Trump political rally? The horror! She was accosted by Trump's goons - no doubt because she was a woman! Why - she was assaulted!!! Horrors! She was raped!!!!! She was MURDERED!!!!!!!
The story was in the press the next day it was on ALL the media wires. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, all the papers, all the radio stations, and even beyond America: the CBC, CTV, and the BBC were up in arms HOWLING for Donald Trump's blood! But the verbage for the articles was almost always exactly the same.
And not ONE of those assholes did any fact checking or due diligence. Nary a one. What does that say about our media? What does that say about ourselves? How long have these vermin been manipulating us? Oh sure, we all know there was bias in the media...but this? You can't even try to pass that off as opinion, this is the stuff of propaganda, this is libel, this is manipulation. How dare they?
Of course we all know how that played out.
Public: Hey guys... we need to see the video! We can't put a stake through Trump's heart without video!!! You know - fair trials objectivity and all that?
Press: HE'S A MYSOGANIST! HIS GOONS ASSUALTED A WOMAN!!! But, there's no video.
Public: Errrr.....a political rally? In a room full of cameras??? NO video???
Public: Well sure, we're gonna hang him, hell's bells! But we NEED proof!!! Are ya sure there's no video? What about bruises? How bad did she get beat?!? We'll hang the bastard with that!!!
But by then the jig was up. We saw the bruise - Michelle got an 'owwie' that active people get all the time without noticing. In the pictures you could barely see the merest bruise. Then the shit hit the fan and the video DID come out: Trump's "goon"  security guard merely brushed against the lady in a media scum trying to get the crowd to step back so Trump could pass.
As I said, I can see one or maybe two rogue reporters possibly trying to pull a stunt like that to maybe save their jobs or get the big scoop even if it was phony... and maybe they might be flukey enough to bamboozle maybe one or two networks with quick trigger fingers and less-than-optimal fact checking and due diligence resources.
But all of them? HAR HAR HAR! Pull my other finger morons, it has bells on it! This IS  a conspiracy and no bones about it. Shoot - it's fuggin treason is what it is. They have freedom of speech - a commodity so precious that men have killed and died for it...and they do shit like this with that liberty? They  used to shoot people for stuff like that! For the record, if they had done this to Hillary, I would still have a hate on for them. I am a father, a husband, a son and a CITIZEN in good standing with my community. I am NOT a subject, and I will not be censored or lied to.
The old nickel goes 'Don't bullshit a bullshitter!' When you put on these phoney shows of apology and repentance and reconciliation with the public you 'let down'? Welp - I know who my enemies are and so do most Americans. You media slobs will keep your hands where I can see 'em or I will not be liable for your safety.
I will NEVER trust the media on ANYTHING ever again. Nor will I pay them to 'inform' me. I consider them a public enemy, a clear and present danger and when I see the newspapers and media franchises going out of business - I smile. The thought of them and their families going without makes me happy too. That, my friends, is social justice: you screw people over, you lie and cheat, you betray them - and you end up on your ass without a job or any friends. Justice is served, eat cat food you shits.
Journalists and editors might want to re-evaluate the worth of their reputations, their integrity and ambitions.
Good luck with that, guys.


  1. The America we knew is gone, Glen.

  2. The real blame here rests with the Senior Editor or Editors, as they decide which stories are newsworthy and how the story should be written. The journalist in question gets paid to write. They'll write whatever sells. Think - if the difference between eating chicken or feathers this week is writing an article so that it supports a certain, shall we say, philosophy, the journalist will elect to eat chicken.

    The person or persons controlling the editor are the owners of the paper or news source. The owner makes his preferences known to the Editor, who then feeds the reporters / journalists IF they do a good job.

    To a lesser extent, the owners must salute the advertisers, but again, there are exceptions. Let us say that an advertiser who spends a whole $100 per week with your paper (The Stool Digger Daily) complains about a story. The advertising salesman will be told to smooth the ruffled feathers and that will be an end to it. However, if an advertiser who is responsible for half your paper's gross complains, or if several complain, something will be done and done right quick. The money, you see, is the thing.

    These days virtually all the news sources collude on stories, which is why they all tend to look identical. Vetting a story is pretty much a thing of the past, which is a real shame. Oh well, c'est la vie, as they say. Or maybe c'est le progrès.