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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Three Beauties - Just Because

I've been off my game all weekend. I got crunched by the chiro-quack earlier in the week and came out feeling worse than when I went in. Then I tripped over my shadow or something and twisted my knee and it hurts like a sonofa*****.  I get growly and snippy with people sometimes when I hurt and I like to keep to myself when I get pissy and grumpy. Fact is - I should just shove my head down the toilet and flush a few times, HAR HAR HAR!

So I parked my butt in my chair and watched the GOTHAM series of Batman. It's silly as hell but I enjoy it the same way I enjoyed watching the Batman TV shows back in the 60's. Then they had to ruin all my innocent fun and return to childhood by making The Penguin and The Riddler into faggots! Mark my words, those Hollyweird degenerates will be pushing pedophilia next and trying to mainstream it.
I need to cheer myself up and I found just the painting to do it! I hope it brightens your day too!😜

Three of a kind!

If that doesn't lift your spirits, NOTHING will.

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