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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Tuesday Retard Races

Here at Uncle Bob's School For Retards & Wayward Boys we are all about speed and velocity!  Rest assured, any wipeouts will be painful (if not fatal) and spectacular.

If I understand it correctly you Yanks will be having a retard race of your own today. The one thing common to both our racing events is this: no matter who wins, the guy or gal in the winner's circle... is still gonna be a retard! They were retards when they woke up this morning, and they'll be retards when they go to bed tonight! They'll be retards tomorrow too.

The sun will still shine, life will still go on and regardless of what happens - you will need to make preparations for the worst. The fight to do what's right doesn't end today - it starts... tomorrow.

Stay loose and limber and as always - keep yer stick on the ice.


  1. Yeah, Glen, it's a shame we can't have perfect leaders like you folks up north! - lol

    1. I wouldn't wish these clowns on my worst enemy Gorges. Are Turdo La Doo and his liberals better than Hillary Clinton and her Donks? Oh boy - that is a tough call. That kid is everything you would expect out of a liberal fwenchman. His father was a Marxist, his mother was a bipolar whore (I do not exaggerate) it would be a very tough call.

      I am hoping Trump wins so that Young Master Turdo sees what it's like to run into somebody who is as mouthy as he is and isn't willing to put up with his chit...