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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Very Bohunk Christmas

Being knuckle dragging cultural throwbacks, you Yanks probly never even heard of Canada's greatest musical talent - Nestor Pistor! Oh I know - how can you ignernt Yanks be expected to be culturally enriched by the CBC when they're constantly running crap by fags like Rick Mercer and Sarah Mcballgargler and other non-talents, right?

Well folks - this is why Filthie's Thunderbox was created. BW will be filling and re-filling your vodkas until he passes out, Uncle Bob and I will be shovelling out the perogies and cabbage rolls, and Quartermain will jump in with his electric accordion when the pianist craps out. (I heard he pre-amped that thing and blew every breaker in the town of Vegreville when he brought it on line!)

Christmas is very serious business with our bohunk friends, and it is wise of us to be mindful and respectful of their traditions! There are few times when multiculturalism DOESN'T suck ... and thanks to our Ukranian friends - this is one of them!


  1. I remember when this was played on the radio many years ago.

  2. They would probably get sued for playing it today...

    1. If I remember correctly I think it was CFRN radio where I heard an announcer break the record on the air due to complaints. By that time the station had probably worn out the record since they played it so many times.