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Saturday, 3 December 2016

An Indulgence? Or the Usual Foolishness?

Last week I was in Lloydminster, AB - it's a border town that straddles the AB/SK border and is home to the world's greatest gun shop - Prophet River Firearms. I have bought a few guns there, I have tastes in guns that can get unusual at times and they are happy to bring stuff in for me. I went in at lunch time and their stock runs the gamut from regular guns right on up to engraved and embellished guns. I saw a sweet little .410 side by side with my name on it - until I saw the price tag: $48,000.00. No, that is not a misprint or a typo. That's a gun for rich old guys like Uncle Bob or Gorges Grouse!  :) And even THEY would have to think on that one before shelling out for it!

I called on a couple customers and then saw a new gunshop called 'Magnum Gun' - and stole a few minutes to go in. Meh - standard fare, nice enough shop, but time was short and I was on the boss's dime and I mentally bookmarked the place for a check up when time was on my side. I was headed out when I saw it:

These are a pair of repro rifles of the iconic Winchester 1885 High Wall
Creedmoor rifles.

The one that caught my eye was like the one on the bottom. Chambered in the classic 45-70, it had the crescent buttstock, pistol grip, octagonal barrel and colour case hardening that tugs at my soul. I pushed myself out the door... called my customer to make sure he was available... and lucked out! He wouldn't be able to make our meeting so I went back into the shop and had to fondle the gun some more. I will throw the company some extra time next week so it'll all work out.

I actually love the Sharps single shots the best - the guns made famous by Quigley Down Under.

These exquisite rifles are made for the serious rifleman. Unfortunately...
that lets me out...

The problem is the Sharps rifles just don't fit me worth a damn. I dunno what it is, but when I pick one up I just want to put it down. I can tell by the feel of it that I won't get along with it. Breaks my heart too - nothing else comes close to the Sharps for romance and nostalgia... but a gun's gotta shoot too. Years ago I made the choice and said if I ever find an 1885 in the right configuration I would buy it... and here it was. I handed the gun back to the counter clerk and forced myself out of the shop.

A week later...that thing is still calling me.  $1800.00 for a businesslike single shot. Those precision Vernier sights that Quigley is using will add anywhere from $400.00~$700.00. I have dies and bullet moulds to make my own ammo... but this will be a sizeable investment if I do it. I'm torn because I have tons of guns already that I don't shoot and I need to sell a bunch off to declutter and thin out the herd...

But...gawwwwwwddamn! These single shots are rifles fit for a king - and would make a mighty fine retirement rifle for an old stubfart whose hunting days are behind him - but doesn't want to let go of them yet. (Does that make any sense?) How can ya go wrong with a gun that has a storage compartment built in to store your cigars? Does it get any better than that? Methinks not.

While I flap in the breeze and struggle with the decision to chit or get off the pot - here is a great one from my favourite Youtubing Texan. (Texans are much like Albertans but are generally less wealthy and handsome, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!) In any event, Hickok 45 has the goods on these extremely interesting guns.

Might as well finish this post off right. Get out yer tubas, men! Ladies, if you would be so kind as to join us with the clarinets and violins - we'll finish the night off in fine style!

Any score that makes a star of the tuba has to have some merit.
Turn it up.

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  1. I've always liked the little H&R and NEA single shots, as they're the only thing in my budget range, PLUS most are tack drivers. Unfortunately, I'm having to sell my last one due to a "budget shortfall." I always wanted a high wall, too, but they're WAY out of MY league! Besides, in my condition, I doubt if I ever again hunt anything that would require a high-powered rifle of any kind.