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Friday, 2 December 2016

Filthie's Hinterlands Who's Who: The Camp Pirate

The Camp Pirate is the kleptomaniac of the Boreal Forest.
These brazen thieves  will swipe food right off your plate  and right out of the pot!

Years ago we were hunting west and north of Whitecourt Alberta when we were swarmed and over run by whisky jacks. They picked and pecked at the zippers on our packs. They opened up a loaf of bread that had been sitting on a cooler and started squabbling over a slice of bread. I usually see them in onsies and twosies but this time - a pack of a dozen thieves descended on our camp and over ran us. We were helpless, all we could do was sit and laugh at their antics.

Until one of them landed on the brim of a pot full of beans. He took a bite...pondered it for a bit... then took another one... and then spun around, shat in the pot and flew away! By the time we had our guns loaded they were all gone! Bastards!

"You gonna eat these..?" Big Jeff asked as he looked morosely at the beans. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Naw, Jeff - you go right ahead. They're all yours...".


  1. I believe that's called adding insult to injury. - lol

  2. That wasn't shyte that went into the pot, Glen; it was "concentrated fart extract." The bird, obviously endowed with a chef's palette, most likely found your pot of beans to be "a little light" on this key ingredient...

    By the way; seagulls employ similar tactics, but prefer aerial carpet-bombing, as opposed to "surgical" placement...