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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Filthie's Speakeasy: Idiot Savantes

Bruce Cockburn is your typical sanctimonious leftwing cretin whose politics are worth LESS than what ya paid for 'em. Never the less, credit where credit is due - he is also one of Canada's foremost musical idiot-savants that has not been over-exposed by the talent-starved hacks and turdies at the CFBC.

Here he manages to put a beautiful spin on the cultural and intellectual cesspool of Tranna in Morontario - during Canada's deep dark depressing winters.

Tomorrow is the longest night of the year for us. It's quarter to five as I type this and the sun has set and gone. I am here dreaming of the motorcycle, the open road and friends yet unmet. I still have AT LEAST 5 months and closer to six before I can drag my roadster out.

In hopes of chasing these winter blahs away, I have enlisted the help of Gorges Grouse and his garden shed groovers in hopes of lightening things up a bit around here.

Oh my gawd that is awesome stuff for thirsty ears...

I listen to this guy and hear George Thorogood when that shoveltar sings. Could ol' George bang 'em out as well with garden implements? Methinks not.

This is why I have a stereo on my motorcycle.

Just listening to these guys makes me want to round up Uncle Bob and his special ed kids and start a Tupperware band. I would kick ass on the bicycle pump... Can you play a saw blade Gorges? One of the techs at work plays and actually builds guitars - I got a spectacular piece of curly maple off him that will be made into a knife handle here if I ever get off my butt and start making knives again. We talked about the shoveltar and cigar box banjos

Why, I'm starting to cheer up in spite of myself! Good music does that to ya! Here is one last savant for the night playing a 'cigar box' guitar and doing a passable rendition of The Chicken Coop Blues.

Dig that haircut, bud! Betcha he's a chick-magnet....

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  1. I'm afraid the only instruments I play are the comb and the jug, Filthie, and I don't play them very well.