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Thursday, 8 December 2016

He's Making A List, And Checking It Twice....

Gaaabba gabba gabba weebeejabba, Ya dah dah dee dah dah...
Let it snow, let it snow let it snow....

Oh - Hi everyone! How's it hangin' eh? I'm getting in the Christmas spirit and have just started shopping for my folks. Whaddya buy for seniors that have everything and have more money than you do? I got Pop a gift card for Home Despot and will find some other nick-nacks and I'll prolly do something for Mom but feminize it. I dunno what to buy them - any ideas? Fortunately my wife is a whiz with artsy home made Christmas cards.

Unca Bob was easy. After that horrible TP incident at Reject School where his soft 3 ply
got switched out for 80 grit sand-paper... Unca Bob has never walked the same.
Now he can safeguard his TP from deplorable, incorrigible cretins and pranksters.
It's got a child proof lock on it that can thwart even the smartest of his students.
For the record - Gorges Grouse did that, not me.
(But you would be correct to suspect it, HAR HAR HAR!).

I was gonna give that to WL but I think I'll just keep that one for myself....  :)

This one's for Wirecutter. Can't afford to put money in it
so I'll fry up some bacon and put it in and wrap it up this weekend...

$2.95 over at Value Village!!! BW will be thrilled!

GAAAHHHHH!!!! Jeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!! Whoooooooooeeeee!!!
No way I'm givin that one to Chicken Mom.
This one has Quartermain all over it....

That's what I'm talkin about!!!! The perfect gift for the ladies!
Ol' Filthie! Ever the romantic!

As you can see it's going to be a very special Christmas for all my favourite bloggers. Now - if anyone should be hunting for the perfect gift for Yours Truly - don't knock yourself out. Just a little token of your appreciation will be thanks enough!