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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mother Of The Year

Ever wonder why divorces and failed marriages are running at close to 50%? Or why your son or grandson won't get married or start a family?


Many of you (primarily the older crowd) may scoff and chuckle and say 'Oh, somebody is having her monthly visit from Mr. Cranky...' or that this is just an isolated loon floating in some obscure cesspool of the the internet. "They're everywhere! Why get upset about this one?"

My response to that is this: this is not an isolated example. I'm seeing idiocy like this everywhere now and it's going mainstream. As the father of a militant lesbian daughter, I am all to familiar with this kind of young woman. They think that if you get a compliment and a reward and they don't - it's because you cheated or they were discriminated against. It's not fair!!!! Nothing bad must ever happen to them. If it does - it's somebody else's fault, and they should get cash and prizes to soothe their ruffled feathers and hurt feelings.

If you sat down with this little snowflake and tried to explain to her that most fathers are too busy with careers, crushing deadlines, pressure and stress to take time out to bond with their children in such a way - she would accuse you of being mean to her and tell you that you were traumatizing her with your hateful comments. It's never a case of her own actions having predictable consequences. "Shut up! Your hurting my feelings!" It's adults doing stuff like this! Some, like my daughter, are in their 30's now!

This is a woman, not a child. She's a mother of a child herself. What kind of marriage can her man have with wretch like this? The reaction from the 'Manosphere' was quick and predictable - they laughed at the father and called him a 'cuck' and a 'beta' and forgot all about him as they rushed on to the next feminist clown-act. I put myself in his place: you've made a grave mistake. The woman you thought you had married is actually a petulant child. She's an emotional bomb waiting to go off too. When she blows, she is going to take her man to divorce court where he will be financially raped into penury. She will get the kids, the house, the car and half of her ex's before-tax income. He's in deep trouble. What would you do?

There's only two ways to deal with women like this. Walk on eggshells and cater and pander to them and hope they don't go off - or you jump on that emotional detonator with both feet and pick up the pieces later. When my own daughter and her creepy lesbo girlfriend decided to redefine our family I did the latter - and haven't seen her since. I've often questioned the wisdom of that - but would almost certainly do it again if forced to. Modern women have been taught that they have the right to deride and disrespect men. Stupid people in droves will tell men that men are obligated to forgive and forget such behaviour. I don't think that's right and I have been called a racist/homophobe/sexist bigot ever since. My stance is that expecting your kids to grow up and act like adults is not an act of bigotry.

I've heard men - angry at their women, say things like ya can't live with 'em and ya can't live without them. I say that depends upon the woman. Our culture has empowered women and it is becoming increasingly obvious they don't have the wisdom for it. I watched the Manosphere arise with promise and then collapse into the same bitterness feminism has.

I say this as a sanctimonious blowhard - but one that got extremely lucky. The chances of a young man today lucking out as I did are vanishingly small. If you can, go for a classical courtship and do not fall for the crap in the manosphere about gaming women, being a pump -n-dumping chad, or posturing as an alpha-male. You want to avoid feral women, not fornicate with them because if you do - you will be the one that ends up getting f****d... and it'll serve you right too.

Take your time. Savour your relationship and your youth. If sex is on the table, be damned sure you know what it will cost. All sex ALWAYS comes at a cost. Make sure you know the price and the terms of the deal. None of this is sexist - this advice is good for young women too - especially those that have seen through the idiocy of feminism and liberalism. Boys - if you're involved with a feral woman that won't grow up... welp, given the choice of taking a bullet in the back vs taking a bullet in the chest... it's my contention that one of the pleasures of being a man is the courage to have the choice. If you can see that bullet coming you at least have a chance of preparing for it. It may not make a difference in the long run... but I believe life without batshit crazy women beats life with them. Your mileage may vary.

Love and respect your family if you can. If you can't, have the courage to do what YOU need to do. Nobody else can tell you what's right for you.


  1. Sad, but true. This is the day the soviets and Satan have waited for.

  2. read it. her husband does all the cooking and shopping and she is a pimple of seething discontent.
    why the resentment? looks like she has everything she needs.
    discontent seems to be the flavor of the decade.
    no one is thankful for what they have but always looking for a fly in the ointment and supplying their own fly if the ointment is clean.
    cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  3. Very true, there is more truth in blogs such as this, than there is in the mainstream media. I have seen too many good men get destroyed in divorce by wingless harpies to even consider marriage.