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Sunday, 4 December 2016

My Adoring Audience

This blogger thingy has a gizmo so ya can track where your readers come from by country:

United States
United Kingdom

I am more popular in Russia than Canada!?!? HAR HAR HAR!!!! Can any of you fine Russian guys get me a deal on some of those cool Russian weapons? I want a good AK47... could you talk to Vladimir for me and see if he could let one of those Dragunov sniper rifles go? (I promise: I will only use it on fwenchmen and unreasonable capitalist pigs like Uncle Bob! (Oh- I almost forgot! Screw you, Fwance!))

Talk to me Vlad! I'm sure we can work something reasonable out.
I'll trade you a Black Rain AR15 chopper and a bottle of rotgut!

By website:

The vast majority of vagrants, cretins and deplorables through here are knuckle draggers. But the neighbourly preppers from PP's site, and the retards and wayward boys from Uncle Bob's are always welcome too! Neil at Golden Geese is to be thanked for his referral as well. Hmpffffff!!! Don't see any up there from BW's site! Mind you, he is a gentleman explorer and a class act all the way - I am probably the only mouth breather that he comes across on a regular basis and it prolly puts off his clientelle!  :)

Today the scoreboard looks like this:

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Guys like Wirecutter and Uncle Bob and Gorges Grouse can do that in a half hour - or less! But - that ain't bad for a gubbiment worker or a hare lipped retard, eh?

There was a time I was gonna try and push my blog. Bloggers are good people by and large and they can be exploited by scoundrels like me - I might convince a few other high profile bloggers for a place on their blog rolls...but - why bother? Most of them are popular because they are upbeat and positive and wonderful writers. Me? I'm obsolete. I laugh at rude and off colour jokes. I like guns, booze and Christians. Sometimes (a lot of times) I drink and think too much. I'm not very good at either.

That is not to say that I don't appreciate those of you that stop by to share my day. I know this blog wouldn't have any readers at all were it not for the big guns on my blogroll, and the fine people that patronize them. It makes me happy to think that a few of you take the time to stop here from time to time too. Stop by any time - the TP is in the comments. Keep the plunger close at hand too.

Thanks again for your time, and have a great Sunday.


  1. Any celebration plans when you hit 100k?

    1. You are right that it is just a number. My page views have some odd spikes as well. I doubt the accuracy of the counter as well. I am surprised anyone reads my page.

    2. I disagree! You have the best blog amongst us, in my opinion!

  2. I use statcounter and, according to them, I have less than half the page views that you say you have, and that's with 192 followers. - lol - The humbling stat is that 2/3 of them stay less than FIVE seconds!

    1. I dunno if I trust these counter gizmos either Gorges. Usually my views seem to run between 250~350/day. Sometimes they spike like they did today - went over 650 yesterday, but today I am down again.
      Whether it's 25 or 2500... it doesn't really matter to me. What matters to me is the ones like yourself that stop by that make my day.

  3. Replies
    1. I know it, Mr. Wallace! I'll have BW cut you a check and mail it in the morning!

  4. From Northern Manitoba I hit Knuckledraggin' and then hit you.

    1. All hail The Knuckle Draggers - and thanks for stopping by!