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Sunday, 25 December 2016

My Christmas Haul

This year we got each other the usual. I got a bottle of scotch, some stocking stuffers. My wife got a gift certificate to the hair salon she likes and a bunch of little knick-knacks. With the way our economy is going out here we didn't want to be all that extravagant. Things have been well in Alberta for awhile - but we have some seriously messed up politicians trying to run our economy into the ground. I can see one or (God forbid) both of us out of a job if things keep going the way they are.

Or at least, that was the intent. We needed to get new kitchen chairs in the worst way and were going round the furniture shops and seeing uninspiring chairs commanding horrible prices. It's disgusting - $600.00 for a plain Jane kitchen chair??? Oh - but it's maple....,.!!!! Phooey! For 300 beans I can get a 4 DIY chairs from Ikea or Rona, put 'em together - and be good for the next 8 or 10 years. Thanks to my daughter's inverted morality and sexuality I am not gonna have grand children so buying stuff that will last for future generations and become heirlooms doesn't make sense. But I have to admit... some of that high end furniture DOES look mighty nice...

Then we saw a dresser set that was made out of maple and would look mighty fine in our bedroom. Our old stuff was inherited from Mom and Pop - they bought dressers from a new Scandihoovian furniture store called Ikea where your furniture is DIY and assembled! Both pieces are over 30 years old and are ready for the fire pit or the dump.

We've never bothered with nice furniture in this house because good furniture costs big dollars which we didn't have, and even if we did, we had/have shit head kids, dogs and cats that would destroy it! I bought some leather living room furniture about 9 years ago that looked great for three days until the cats started fighting on it. The soft leather gave them extra purchase to dig in when they were having their saloon fights, and in a week they were covered in scratches. I had a serious gun/camping/fishing habit to finance at the time, so I just shrugged and said to hell with it all.

Well now we finally grew up got old... and maybe some nice furniture wouldn't be bad...? The wife is hemming and hawing but as for me - I'm sold. If she agrees tomorrow I think we'll pull the trigger on a very expensive set of dressers.

We'll see what happens.

Welp - I'm off to church! Pour yourself a dram of my fine scotch (It's Christmas!!!) - and be sure to pet Mort a bit and lock up when ya go!

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  1. I could have furnished our house for free with antiques from the family, but my wife wanted no part of it. Instead she went out and bought expensive NEW furniture that looked surprisingly like the old "junk" that she insisted that I get rid of. Go figure!