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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

One Of The Blogger Gizmos...

... is a thingamabob that tells ya what kind of search engine words bring readers to your blog. For example if ya type in "Boozing good-for-nothing- womanizer", Unca Bob's site will come up. If ya type in 'back yard chickens" then Chicken Mom's site comes up. "Intrepid motorcycle explorer" will take ya to BW's blog.

It's cool!

Or at least, I thought so... until I had a look at mine. From the blog scoreboard:

Search Keywords
beer belly biker
drawn teen shemale sex
filthie's thunderbox
futa base caption
one has to go
springfield 1911 national

Bikers Gone Wild??? Here????
At The Thunderbox??????
I don't fuggin think so, Blogger...!!!!

WTF is that all about???? Excuse me? "Beer belly biker"? How in bloody blue blazes would a term like that send a reader here??? (Oh, fugoff, Unca Bob!!! Don't say it!!!!) And - jeez Louise... "teen shemale sex"??? That definitely should take a reader over to Uncle Bob's - errrrrr....probably Quartermain too (I've heard that he is a pervert just like Bob...).

Well I did a post on guns a day or two back so that explains the 1911 one...

I'm beginning to think that somehow, in defiance of all reason - that my blog has developed and unseemly and unsavoury reputation just like Uncle Bubba or Woodsterman or one of those degenerates.

A sternly worded letter will be off to the Blogger management about this, I assure you! The literary reputation of Filthie's Thunderbox will not be besmirched!!!!

Contrary to Blogger, The Thunderbox is not a haven for perverts, motorcycle gangsters, or any other form of jack-nasties. We remain dedicated to the highest standards of conduct and remain true to our pursuit of literary excellence.

(And anything that goat over at The Small Hold says about me - is a bloody lie!)


  1. How dare they trifle with a blogger of your unquestionable righteousness! ;-)

  2. Indeed!

    Why, the very NOTION leaves me needing a safe place to with cookies and milk and play-doh... ;)