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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Oh hey everyone! Doesn't that sound cheerful? Don't mind me, I am just putting the final strop on His Imperial Majesty's mighty Scam Axe!  I like to use a file to sharpen my axes. Sometimes I talk to them in sinister tones as I do my deadly work too: yeeesssss my precious!!! Soon you will be in the hands of a mighty warrior, lopping the heads off liars, cheaters and fraudsters.....errrr sorry about that! Maybe I should take a break!

Gotta love Don Trump, he's ever the humanitarian. He's going to be swinging that axe like a demon in gubbermint departments that have become infested with warble gloamers, climate shysters, and environmentalist turd brains. Were it up to me, they wouldn't get a quick trip to the next life with beheading - I would crucify the lot and leave them out for the magpies and crows! The victims know the shake up is coming too! It has been a long, long time coming too.

Does that sound like the work of REAL science to you? Refusing to work with the new president of the USA? I'm not going to get into it, everyone with an IQ above freezing knows that man made warble gloaming is a hoax. When that became blatantly obvious, they called it 'climate change' instead.

Years ago I was over at my in-laws. They started life as soft conservatives and last I saw of them, they were full blown sanctimonious, virtue-signalling progressives. One day they were bursting at the seams with pride. Their mealy mouthed son, who was a school principal up north at Fort Chip (because no one else would take the job) - was down for the holidays visiting. It seems that being an Educated Man, he had been selected to take part in some environmental commission up in the Northwest Territories - and Mummy and Daddy were just ecstatic about it! Even better, I was there and available to have my nose rubbed in his success! The old bint almost blew a gasket when she breathlessly described her son taking a leadership role in such a prestigious endeavour. And for Matt - well, he just sat there looking smug. There was an old rivalry and animosity between us and I just kept my mouth shut and stewed - which delighted the in laws. Taking a quick look around to make sure my wife wasn't around - my father in law pipes up and goes, "See, Glen? This is what life is like when you go to school and make a success of yourself..."

I bit back the snark, took a deep breath, and did my own check to make sure the wife wasn't around... and replied. "Well, Doug, your son is a school teacher at a school that has a literacy rate far below the national average. He got his teaching degree in 7 years, taking a program I could finish in four. He can't teach kids to read or write, his own children have learning problems - and now you are going to tell me that he has the expertise and competency to make far reaching environmental recommendations? Pull my other finger, guys...."

My father in law's face clouded over, my mother in law looked constipated, and Matt... for once he was at a loss for words too. I found somewhere else to be before they could find their tongues! HAR HAR HAR!!! Somebody muttered something about 'rednecked assholes' as I left but I pretended not to hear, HAR HAR HAR! For the record I am not a redneck. I'M NOT. Oh, screw you, Unca Bob!!!!

If ever there was a swamp that needed draining - this one is it. You Yanks aren't the only ones taking it in the shorts from these shysters, up here climate fraud is a fine art among leftists. I never heard any more about Matt's prestigious appointment after that - and being that it was in the NWT up by Fort Chip, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Matt's 'Climate Commission' was nothing more than a couple of chugs, bar slobs and hacks...if not a complete fabrication altogether.

Yannow I have had to sit by and watch the axe fall on factory workers, construction guys, rig pigs, and young men and women who work hard for a living and just want to pay their bills and get their families ahead. Lord knows, it has fallen on me a few times too. I hope and pray that when (or if) Trump starts swinging that axe - that he finds his mark, and that the people cut and gutted by it - are the ones that sincerely deserve it.

You bring that axe back when you're done with it, Mr. President - and I'll be happy to sharpen it back up for ya!