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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Morning Shit Disturber: Do Black Lives Matter In Canada?

I'm a racist. Proud of it too.

I have to be, on the job I regularly find myself in and around vibrants that are hostile racists ... and a couple are certainly dumb enough to act on their impulses. Because they're stupid, they are easily trumped by prevention - I simply will not expose myself to vibrants or do business with them if I can avoid it - or unless they have been thoroughly vetted first. My dealings with them are the absolute minimum as mandated by the letter of the law - and I document the hell out of those and urge you to as well. I'm smart enough to make exceptions to that when warranted. All this is just plain common sense - and therefore it's anathema to liberals and progs.

I became a racist working in a vibrant and diverse sweat shop as a kid. I won't get into the gory details, but suffice it to say I saw a slice of the multicultural society my baby booming elders refused to - they worked in posh offices and had cushy jobs where the vibrants were educated, friendly and cooperative. When I tried to explain that the ones I worked with were thieves, cheats and scoundrels I was labelled a racist and that was that for that! Just had your tool box looted by the Vietnamese shit pickers? Racist! Serves ya right!!! The pooch-screwing east indian lead hand gives you all the scut jobs because you're a white kid? Racist! It was like a double-whammy - ya get treated like shit by ethnic morons - and then the homegrown liberal ones jump down your throat if you complain!

HAR HAR HAR! What. EVER. Hell, I was forced-fed 'Red Pills' by the boxful back in the 80's. Or maybe I was 'Darkly Enlightened'. What are the cool kids calling it these days when ya wake up and smell the morning coffee? Whether it was courage or stupidity - I was sounding the alarm on political correctness with anyone that would listen. Most people wouldn't. I was a racist. I was deplorable.

How many more are there out there that are like me now? Apparently half of America has woken up. They've spent the last 8 years being racists for refusing to believe that their President and First Sasquatch walk on water. They came damn close to becoming sexists for refusing to believe that Hillary's vagina trumped her corruption and incompetence. Donald Trump is a sinner for daring to talk about predation of illegal immigrants. My leftist parents are shocked and horrified at these events and think I am deplorable because I approve of them. But - I will bet you dollars to donuts that Trump has had Red Pills shoved down his throat (and up his arse) too. How many of his millions went to grease the palms of bureaucrats like Hillary Clinton so that he could get a job or project done? (Oh yes, liberals - there is a cost to making red tape and protestors go away). How many times has he been forced to put a vibrant in a position of authority because of optics and politics rather than merit? How many projects did he get soaked on when union slobs went over deadlines and over budget? I suspect his experiences might be much like mine: vibrant, equal opportunity, diverse workplaces are not nearly as productive as focused, merit based ones. (They aren't as happy either, really). I will not work in a vibrant workplace ever again if I can avoid it. I will call a spade a spade and have no problems with terms like 'nigger'. A fella can respect a black man - but no way am I going to respect niggers and that's final. If liberals and niggers can't tell the difference - that's THEIR problem.

I am watching this one with great interest. Here in Canada the only professional sport team MORE unpopular than the Tranna Maple Loafs (hockey) - is the Saskatchewan Roughriders (football). We contemptuously dismiss their fans as 'melon heads'. They take pride in their mental retardation by sometimes wearing water melon rinds on their heads just to infuriate the rest of us. (Say - I wonder why none of the race whores and social justice warriors up here have drawn the obvious connection between black football players and water melons yet? Don't they realize how OFFENSIVE it is? HAR HAR HAR!!!)

The baboons already have the ball in play: THIS IS MURDER. Question: why is it racist for me to assume the white guy is innocent, but NOT racism for the blacks to assume the black guy is innocent? (For the record, anything is possible and I sincerely believe that the matter needs to be investigated properly, and tried in a court of law. I know, I know - I'm still a racist! But racists are right sometimes too).

Canada has no self defense laws like America's 'stand your ground' or the 'Castle laws'. Under Canadian law you cannot legally shoot me or harm me unless you can prove:
  1. that I intend to hurt or harm you
  2. that I have the means to do so
  3. that I have the opportunity to do so

Complicating things: Canada has no provision for licensed carry of handguns. In Canada, handguns are only allowed in three places: a locked safe at home, stored separately from the ammo; in a locked case during transport to the gun club; on the shooting bench at the gun club. This is something that will change as Canada becomes more vibrant.

The police let the shooter go. The only reason I can see them doing that is that all these conditions were met AND VERIFIED by eye witnesses. What's gonna happen? I'm a racist - how the hell should I know? HAR HAR HAR! Canadians aren't like Americans. Our gubbiment and judiciary regularly issue laws that infringe on it's citizens and would get them shot in America.

In Canada - we just shrug and don't comply. Cops around here won't enforce gun laws if there isn't anyone around to force them. Last summer some kid opened up on the 100 yard range with a Mini 14 with a 30 round clip - and the ERT and SWAT guys down the line ignored him completely. (They were trying to shoot a golf ball at 25 yard with their 9mm's to much merriment and revelry). Bilingual country, huh? Fuck you, you cheese eating surrender monkey! Metric system? Sure - in the lab or on the drawing board. Out on the range we work in yards. Gun control? Up your ass! In court, our moral and intellectual superiors will need to choose between their liberal agenda or offending the peons who already don't take them all that seriously.

Unsaid in all this is the hatey fact that blacks continue to attack whites at rates three times the reverse - where whites attack blacks.

Rest assured, there is no racial component to any of this.
Shaddup, you racist! The people that got punched out were prolly all racists

Welp. Yannow, I'm just a poor, dumb ol' white raciss that deserves all the contempt I get from liberals and vibrants because of my white skin, my intellect and ability and priviledge.  And ya know... I like games too! Maybe us old white bastids need a non-race motivated game of our own to play with young vibrants and failed liberal social experiments.

'Taint racisss!!!! There's a few white people in it!!!
The prankees coulda used a couple thousand more volts...let us
work on it a bit.


  1. By my definition (for what THAT'S worth to anyone), a racist/bigot is someone who treats others badly simply due to their color. Prejudice, on the other hand is defined by the dictionary as pre-judging. I don't consider myself either a racist OR bigoted, if there's any difference. However, I'm EXTREMELY prejudiced against blacks and A-rabs. I consider them guilty until proven innocent, whereas I consider folks of my own race as innocent until proven guilty. As with you, it was BLACK people who made me prejudiced against them, NOT white people. In addition, I wasn't prejudiced against A-rabs until 9/11. I lost what I wrongly considered a friend over the use of the term "A-rab." (His wife is a Catholic Lebanese.) He probably wouldn't appreciate my increasing use of the term "raghead," either. In private, I use the term "nigger" to describe 85+% of "people of color," due solely to their behavior. The remaining percentage I call "black," since "colored" isn't popular anymore. Of course, excuses will be made for the n_g_e_s who call whites "whitey, honky, cracker, the man, redneck," or any other name intended to be insulting. I DO feel sorry for the good and decent black folks, since they are unavoidably stigmatized for the behavior of their relatives.

    1. Well of course, Gorges. People that don't judge don't have judgement.