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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Superheroes Aren't Born...

....They're made. Forged in metals born of stellar dust from the incandescent hearts of distant long dead stars, cast in blazing furnaces by warlocks and sorcerers commanding powers not understood by modern man or science!

Tremble, ye mortals, and bow down low before your new metal god!

A humble booze wagon? Oh no - this beauty is much, much more than that!

All she needs is a bronto-steak slowly roasting on the grill. 

Quartermain and I are going to have to see if they make lycra yoga pants for men! We'll need masks and a couple of capes to complete our crime fighting costumes - and we'll crash the next PETA/vegetarian protest in style!

Quatermain can have this one, I will take one in blue - with a cooler full of beer on ice!

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