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Friday, 2 December 2016

The BARF Edition Of Friday Wind In The Wires

I've heard the horror stories Albertan pioneers had about life on Canada's frontier. 100 years ago there was hardly anyone here, by today's standards, and our farmers and settlers were literally on their own. People froze and starved to death in those days. But they never complained about it, and often joked about 'going to school and it was up hill both ways, hopping from cow pie to cow pie to keep their feet warm...". They were the Greatest Generation and by the time I was old enough to appreciate them... they were all gone or in their dotage.

By  contrast, MY tales of childhood hardship pale by comparison. When I was a kid the only TV around was CTV, CBC and that's it! There was very little for children's programming and I suppose I should be thankful - but at the time I was ungrateful. I hated Rocky and Bullwinkle. Uncle Bobby should have been shot and p***ed on. (Uncle Bobby should not be confused with our own scholarly Uncle Bob over at the Treehouse...but come to think of it, maybe he should be flogged for gits and shiggles too, HAR HAR HAR!). As a little gaffer, pickins were slim! But we had one or two cartoons that a little delinquent toddler could look forward too...

Some people think I'm fat! Foolish! Not worth worrying about!
Oh wait... that was Friar Tuck, to whom I bear a striking resemblance to...  :(
When I was a kid I wanted to look like the super heroes...
I can still remember all the episodes today because
we watched the endless re-runs.

My poor parents had to put up with a rocket powered toddler and rued every moment of it. They thought I was a troublesome, hyper-active little chit and that trashy cartoons only added to my numerous childhood psychological problems. All I gotta say to you, Mom - is that I coulda grown up REAL bad - like these kids below. I wonder what THEIR mothers think as they watch this, hmmm?

Look sharp boys! Flaps down! Throttles back to 155 kts, and hold that formation TIGHT. The rest of you - get the barf bags out! This one will require nerves of STEEL:

No doubt, these misguided and demented men grew up with
Rocket Robin Hood too.
Now think about the shit YOUR kid is watching on TV...

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  1. Rocket Robin Hood is almost as bad as my offerings: