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Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Media Of Tomorrow

Uncle Bob has the odd post up about his days working in the mainstream media and for the most part his comments are less than complimentary. He's over on my side bar and worth checking out if ya already haven't done so. Listening to him, it's clear to see our mainstream media has been dying for a very, very long time.

Kinda wish they'd hurry up with that, myself, HAR HAR HAR!

Trump drove the final stake through their hearts. Whenever he has anything important to say he fires up the laptop, goes on Twitter and says it. The media can't spin it, sanitize it, or do diddly squat about it. All they can do is react - the same way you and I do. Judging from their reactions and how they handle the information they get - they've pretty much shot themselves in the foot. And in the chest. And in the balls. They can't even pretend to be objective anymore. Fact is I would trust Uncle Bob and Gorges Grouse and Chicken Mom before I would trust the New York Times for intelligent commentary on world events. (Errrrr.... maybe not Uncle Bob...HAR HAR HAR!) They at least, have some integrity and they are honest about their opinions.

The writing is on the wall. For the media to survive, they have to change. So, they are doing the only thing they know how - they're ramping up the sensationalism, they have cranked up the hype and shock schlock - and now they actively troll their readers trying to provoke a response and generate ratings.

Ol' BCF is trying to figure out what Jonah Goldberg of the National Review is smoking and failing. Why, WHY - would a supposedly conservative media organization actively try to sabotage and undermine an obviously conservative president?

The answer of course, is that they wouldn't. Jonah is out to sell copy, not an opinion or an argument. For now, people react to him - mostly with contempt. Trolls get old, and the stuff that shocks and outrages readers today is old hat tomorrow.

That then, will be tomorrow's journalist: a troll that can make people react by goading them or insulting them. Now they're hysterically gobbling about fake news. Don't read it!!!! We are the only ones that tell the truth!!!!

Pull my other finger guys. It's going to be an interesting industry to watch over the next couple years.