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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Thoughts About Christmas

Happy Odinmas!!! (Josh kinda brings in a winner in the comments, HAR HAR HAR).

Well... that's fuggin Baloo for ya! I wouldn't expect anything politically correct from the kind a bums that hang around Uncle Bob!

Hopefully, Gorges Grouse can redeem us from the post-holiday blues!

What in hell was that, Gorges? You can't say that! Even truth is hate speech if ya don't do it right!!! Sheesh.

Well, the Christians, the Vikings, the muzzies and the coons have all struck out! Anyone mind if I give it a shot?

Happy Saturnalia everyone! Err....hmpffff! Looks like the fat old white guy struck out too!!!

Yannow I have had my fill of bullchit from people offended by the holidays. None of those pricks will offer to work during them, though! Whatever - I have devised a Christmas greeting especially for rag heads, militant atheists, homosexuals, and other leftist slobs offended by Christmas:


Errr... sorry folks. I'm just bent because I gotta work this week. A whole 2-1/2 days. I am offended by work! HAR HAR HAR!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....
Put all the negroes in jaaaaaaaaailllll....


  1. Filthie, you'd get a lot more links from me if you'd control that foul tongue. You need to start going inside when you take your wife to church! lol

    1. Hmpffff.

      I forget that I no longer drive a forklift and deal with truckers sometimes.

      Think I'll chow down on a bar of soap, Gorges...