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Monday, 12 December 2016

When The Time For Discussion Is Over

TB as usual, brings up the finest points to ponder.

It's everywhere. It used to be in my family that we wagged civil tongues for fear of offending loved ones and their family. When that became a one way street in my family I checked out and told my wife she could go with them or come with me - but she couldn't do both. Whereas I used to care what my family thought and said about me - I no longer do. They can tell the world that I am a child molester or scum of the earth - and I don't care. I don't agree with anything they say, I won't let them say it to my face and insult me with it,  and if they want to get stupid about it they can do it with somebody else. I simply don't care.

I've gotten that way with the liberals and progressives too. I dunno if you've ever noticed it, but when those people open a topic of discussion or debate - they'll make 5 erroneous statements in the first paragraph, each of which are predicated on at least 5 other erroneous assumptions or statements by others - and the discussion goes to hell from there. Any single one of those contestable points are grounds for both parties to get the guns and knives out and the insults start flying. This is a calculated move on the part of the media; as I've said they have been reduced to trolling their readers for ratings and that only ends one way too. Shock and outrage can only last so long... eventually they get boring and irritating and people walk away.

The pattern is always the same too, I've noticed. When you do walk away, the offending party gets all huffy and whiney and wonders why you won't listen to them. "Why can't we talk about this? Why are you being so unreasonable??? Why are you hurting my feelings?!?!?"

To those of you in that position let me say this about that: we don't talk anymore because you won't shut your fuggin gob long enough for us to get a word in edgewise. If we do manage to say something, you call us names and mock us.

There is no compromise with stupid. There is no compromise with poison. There is no compromise with evil. There is no fast talk and bullshit that can justify any of that either. If your position is rooted in any one or more of those - you have nothing to say that I want to hear. If you want a discussion - then it will be a discussion where we both talk for mutual gain. If the term 'discussion' to you means a situation where you lecture me and scold me for thinking the way I do - while I sit and listen to you respectfully - it's time for you to get stuffed. I have better things to do.

The only decision we have to make now is - do you want to get stupid and fight about it? Or can you live in peace on YOUR side of the line in the sand, with the consequences of YOUR actions?


  1. I don't bother "debating" with Liberals anymore, Glen. I've been accused by some of them of "robbing them of their opinions," when in fact, they're doing their damnedest to squelch mine. In short, talking to these people is like talking to a wall that talks back. I, like you, have better things to do...

  2. I think most of us get to where we either ignore ignorance or stay away from those who wallow in it. Incidentally, the missus isn't a liberal, but she uses the same technique to "discuss" things. She wonders why I don't sit and talk with her much anymore.

    1. I know where you're at, George. I can handle my mother for about 15 minutes - and then her mouth starts going, and the politics start to fly - and I just have to leave.... life's too short for crap like that...

  3. Love it and agree! Walk away there is no intelligent life there.

  4. You're quite right. The irony is that these are the same people who preach Progressiveness, tolerance and acceptance with all the enthusiasm of a Southern Baptist minister preaching about godless communism on Sunday, and never realizing that they themselves are intolerant of anyone who doesn't think the same way they do. A Progressive who rejects new ideas out of hand is, in fact, practicing the very same oppressive behavior they claim to decry.

    But enough of that. I hope that everyone reading this will be cheered somewhat to know that We, The Deplorable Gun Owning Pseudo-Oppressives, won a small victory recently. I spoke with a young man who was brought up to be a Liberal anti-gun activist, and is now considering his next firearm purchase. I'm happy about his decision to change, but I'm even happier about the way he arrived at his decision.

    "Okay, let me get this straight. You believe that no one should be armed except the government - police and so forth."

    "That's right."

    "Because people in general can't be trusted with guns."

    "That's it."

    "Look around you for a minute. If all the workers in this office were armed, what then?"


    "Which one would shoot you?"

    He didn't answer, but I could see him thinking about it.

    Go six months down the road. This young man owns an AR-15, a Sig in 9mm, and a hammerless .38 S&W revolver. His comment?

    "Man, I was WRONG."

    You see, he figured it out for himself. Then he bought, learned to shoot, and got his CCW. A short time later shit came to sweat at a large mall parking lot, and all he had to do was demonstrate that he was armed.

    "Man, that was it. They called me names, cursed my mother, and ran away."

    Ain't that just something?