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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Another One For The Ol' Toilet Roll

Anyone that visits the Thunderbox is familiar with philosopher kings like Uncle Bob and WL Emery and Gorges Grouse and maybe Victor Quartermain. Those guys between them can give ya the perspective ya need for all life's jobs that range from cleaning up the shop to sharpening the chainsaw, to horse-whipping the wife and kids, HAR HAR HAR!!!  :) I make a point of crapping in their comment sections regularly to keep them off-balance and semi-honest.

In addition to peerless profound political punditry, Quartermain is
lady's man on par with Uncle Bob.

Those guys will learn ya everything ya need to interface with your external world in a smart, respectable and businesslike fashion.

But this new kid on the block is a new study! Whatsisname... Turdie    Turtle   Twaddle  goddammitalltohell! Fuggin furriners!!!! TB over at The Forty Five is an introverted man very focused on the inner self. The old hippies prattle about 'finding yourself' and 'feeding your inner child' and most of them end up "feeding their inner idiot"! TB is often focused on building the 'inner man'.
Is there such a thing? Not trying to sound like a chit house spiritualist or anything, but if a guy ain't right on the inside - his outsides are gonna be a mess too!

No apologies. Up on the blogroll he goes. For those of you that speak foreign languages, his name is

Toirdhealbheach Beucail 


  1. TB's got his shit together, and no doubt. Thanks for the link and the tip.

    And by the way, try hitting the paper next time you're at my place. Har-de-Har-Har!

    1. Will do, WL!

      Say - where did you pick up that annoying laugh from?