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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bow Down And Humble Yourselves Before Your New God, Arselings!

Today I had to get the Mighty M14 dialled in for 200m. The next trip out I will confirm my 300 yard zero. This rifle continues to amaze.

1.029" at 200m - best group fired all day

1.508" at 200m
A sub-MOA gas gun???
Who woulda thunk it?

Some old fart and his son showed up once I got dialled in and the old grey hair sniffed in disgust at my rifle and bragged about how he and his kid were shooting "proper sporting rifles". The kid had a .300 Ultra Mag and he had a stainless bolt gun in .25-06. I was tempted to kill him on the spot for his effrontery but I didn't want to send him to hell in front of his son because then I'd pobly have to kill him too, HAR HAR HAR! So I stood up on my hind feet - and started pounding the ever-lovin' SNOT out of the gong at 100m. I asked the old fart if he would do me the honour of indulging me with an informal Gong Show and he sullenly refused. The boy was all grins and taunted his father - "Show him how it's done, Pop!" The old fart told his son to shut his gob and the big fella just grinned wider. This is how wars are fought and lost for elderly gun-club stubfarts  :)  I was shooting like a house afire today. Some days are like that, usually I suck and stink the place out... but it was nice to put that old boy in his place. Look down your long nose at MY rifle? Oh, you foolish mortal!

20 years ago I built this cradle for a Ruger No.1
and it kinda sorta fits my new ride.
The knock-kneed bimbo is wood burned on a piece of 1/8"
plywood that I did on a scrap to practice.
I'm not bad at pyrography and better than most...
but it is something I never put the proper time in on. This
is definitely not my best work.
Maybe when retirement commences I will have more time
for the important things.
For now, my new rifle is soaking in the cradle
after a good day on the range.

It's been so warm lately that all the squirrels have come out of hibernation early. The little buggers come right up to the shooting benches looking for treats to steal and I wish I had a handful of peanuts or something. They are up way too early and some calories would help tide them over until spring. If it's still warm next week and the squirrels are still awake I will take a bag of peanuts out for them. I know, you shouldn't feed them...but it's not spring yet and they are "gun club squirrels". The other old farts have put out bird feeders so I will put out some stuff for the squirrels and if they don't like it we can fight about it behind the woodshed, HAR HAR HAR!

Flapz is all a-flutter over his new girlfriend. Her father is literally a millionaire several times over and owns a couple sections north of here. The quick-thinking Flapz quickly capitalized on the relationship: we now have permission to hunt on that land and Flapz is demanding that I go along to help out in case he knocks something down. I figure I will hunt too...but I have the damnedest problem I never ever thought I would have in my life:  It's not really sporting to take a gun like my M14 out after deer. Oh sure, I have the low capacity magazines to make it legal to hunt with... but this gun is so accurate it really isn't sporting to hunt with. Anything under 300 yards is gonna be dead! And farmers get antsy when hunters show up with guns with flash hiders and military lines to them. Something has to be done!

That's a Remington rolling block single shot repro by Davide Pedersoli.
Caliber is 45-70, with a 30" octagonal barrel.
I will stoke that up with cast lead bullets and black powder and that should cut
my effective range down to around 150 yards or less.
Any deer stupid enough to get that close to me deserves what he
gets, HAR HAR HAR!

I ordered this one from Marstar up here in Canada. I am curious to see if my order will go through - years ago the owner of the company and I got into a pissing match on an internet gun forum and I had the unmitigated gall to prove him wrong. When he got stupid about it I called him on his bullchit. Then about a couple score of other ignernt ignoramii chimed in on my side of the argument and his head exploded. It's entirely possible he will mail me a bomb instead of the gun, HAR HAR HAR!!! (Far as that goes, couldn't happen to a nicer guy, right?)  ;)

Fun n' games continue apace. As for me - I gotta bail. I have my last Old Speckled Hen to drink and then I hit the sack early. She's been a wonderful day.


  1. Glen, you must be like I am at times, making more friends than you know what to do with. I mouthed off on Facebook the other day and got attacked by a grey-headed sodomite and two snowflakes. Bit then, I may have already told you that at some point.

  2. How about giving us pictures of your Pyrography talent? I could even use a few pointers.