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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fort Mac Shipyards

The chinook continues, +5C today. I will take it!!!
This is the Clearwater River that feeds into the Athabasca and is right
beside Ft. Mac.

Another musical raven. This one was smaller than the one I
met yesterday and sounded like a buggered up
pinball or pachinko machine. He just sat up there, clinking, tinkling and plinking
to himself.
They are homely birds that sound wonderful.

The Radium Scout has been a landmark around Ft. Mac forever. I think
it used to be part of the town's lifeline back in the day
when Ft. Mac was accessible only by river boat and bush planes.

I dunno what this one does. Another river boat?

What a wonderful job working on this boat must have been.
It looks like it was assembled by pikers like us - and probably was.
As you can imagine, Alberta's maritime tradition isn't on
par with a coastal province.

The Fort Mac shipyards open up to the public in May. It might be worth a motorcycle trip once the seasons change and the ice comes off the roads.

Oh dammit. Lunch is over - back to work! Have a great Tuesday, all!


  1. Speaking of the maritime provinces; we called on Esquimalt back in the early 90's, when I was in the U.S. Coast Guard. At the time, you guys had the strangest naval ships I'd ever seen. They looked more like submarines than warships; all those rounded off edges and that "Statue of Liberty" colored paint. The coolest thing about them, at least to this puddle pirate, was that they had SALOONS onboard! The USCG and Navy had long since outlawed alcohol on its floating assets. I've always thought of this as a catch-22; only a fool would allow sailors and rum to mix, and only a BIGGER fool would try to separate the two. Alas; just one more failed experiment in the Great Experiment...


    1. I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about this Pete. To put it in perspective - these rivers out here are very shallow. Years ago I had internet acquaintances that would load up the jet boat - go 20 miles upstream in the middle of bush country - and shoot long range guns where there was nobody around for miles in any direction and they didn't have to worry about backstops, ricochets and the usual concerns. They took the jet boat because apparently they only need about a foot or two of water to run in - and sometimes they are lucky if they can get that.

      I've heard about the rum ration before too. Urban legend has it that once it was banned, some big strapping swabbie of a kid came off the boat on shore leave, went to the nearest bar - and chugged a big pitcher full of rum by way of protest. The story goes that it stopped his heart and he died on the spot! I dunno how true that is - but that is the story I have...

  2. Very interesting, Mr. Filtie, very. The vessels design is unique. Enjoyed reading and like to never found that bird at the peak.