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Friday, 27 January 2017

I Think I Have A Drinking Problem...

In fact... I guess I KNOW I do.

Four extra-large tankards of Tim Horton's finest swill...GAH!

So F-tard Friday is almost over. I spent all day with a client with a contract for some oilfield structural work - that knows nothing about ironworking. I'm not an iron worker either!!! I know enough to be dangerous and I was light years ahead of my client! I spent the day with their QA/QC and the estimators. I went through 3 cups of swill and my bladder just about exploded on the third one. As I was coming out of the boy's room I got coat-hangered by the Veep who dragged me to his office, set another jug down in front of me - and offered me a job. I'm tempted to take it - my current boss is coming out in Feb. and the fat bastid is a bigger prick than I am - figuratively AND literally.

Then I went over to A&W late in the afternoon and burgered myself.

I'm not drinking any coffee tomorrow... I don't want any booze, or any junk food! I feel like shit now! This is how vegans a created, folks. I want to find some place to die that is quiet and warm. HAR HAR HAR! Why - I think I need a safe place! Piss off, Boss! Don't trigger me or I'll sue ya for my hurt feelings! HAR HAR HAR...!!!


My day is shot, I am gonna enter some notes in the computer, schedule some events and set some alarms - and then my day is shot!

See ya tomorrow if I can manage to wake up! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. How clever you are! Two other coffee cups to insulate your fresh cup! Brilliant!! :o)