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Monday, 30 January 2017

In Anticipation Of Your Next Thought: Shove Your Gun Control Up Your Ass

My my my. Who woulda seen THAT one coming? Who woulda thunk it? A great big ass mosqueful of monkeys got shot up in Queerbec last night!

A hundred years ago - Queerbec had a similar incident. Marc Lapine grabbed a Ruger Mini 14 and went to some backwater fwench college and shot up a classful of 'women's studies' students, screeching about feminists and their evil as he plinked away.

The ruling liberals got their panties so wadded up that Canada got the most asinine gun laws as a result. As everyone knows, liberals love homosexuals, feminists, and socialists.  The problem was that they like pisslamics and other minorities as well. It wasn't until YEARS later that we learned more about Marc Lepine: he was the son of a fwench whore and an Arabic father. I didn't comply with much of the new gun regs, nobody out here in Alberta did. The cops refused to enforce it and when they did the judges threw the cases out.

The irony and comedy are at lethal levels. Just yesterday, Justin Trudeau was virtue signalling about how Canada would take all those poor, poor refugees that the Eeeeeeeevil Trump Regime was turning away. "Diversity is our strength,: he lisped.

Taking race and political correctness out of it - we STILL need to do something about immigration. We don't have jobs for our own kids - why in HELL are we importing more people? Most of whom are unemployable, low IQ/low skill morons that will only end up on the dole. Oh well. I will buy a round for the house to celebrate the shooting and wish our moslem friends many more! The world needs less moslems, not more.

And no Mr. Prime Minister - those monkeys won't be giving up their guns and neither will I.

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