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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Post Inauguration Thoughts...

My wife sews and makes a lot of the garments we wear. She makes some cool stuff for herself and great hoodies and sweat shirts and sweat pants for me. (I would wear Spand-Ex, but the authorities told me that if they ever caught me doing that, I would get 90 days in the can for crimes against humanity, HAR HAR HAR!) Captain Sweatpants is respectful of his fellow crime fighters.

Anyhoo, I saw a few clips of Trump's inauguration and that blue outfit his wife wore. I thought that was the coolest garment I have ever seen on any woman in the last 100 years! I talked to my wife about it because I wanted her to see it. Soooooo - over to Captain Sweatpants' Super Dooper Crime Fighting Computer for a high tech search - and I was flabbergasted at what came up.

I typed in "Trumps Inauguration" - and a metric chit tonne of derisive political cartoons came up. Then I typed in "Inauguration Photos"  All the images that came up were for the inauguration of The Black Baboon. If you want pics of the Former First Sasquawtch - they are all over the place. Apparently the fat assed liberal hag squad and their castrati servants are still smarting over the election and think that maybe they can scrub it from public consciousness or something if they censor it out or incessantly mock it. I tried more common search words but the same chit kept coming up!

"Dammit and blast," I grumped, "Hang on, my dear wife! The democrat swine are, as usual, obstructing The Forces Of Niceness! This will call for nothing short of a complete hack of the Democrat/Media complex!!!" I cracked my knuckles, and with lightening speed and superhuman precision I typed in "Trumps wifes outfit inauguration". A blizzard of images came up, mostly of Hollywood faggots and harridans at Anti-Trump protests - but I got what I needed. One pic.

The Forces Of Evil are now in full
subversion mode.
When they aren't pulling shit like this,
they're rioting and breaking windows in the streets.
In any event - what a lady!
She's a vast improvement over the "ape in heels".

Is this a deliberate effort at censorship and speech and thought control? Does a bear shit in the woods? The wife agreed that The First Lady and I have impeccable tastes in fashion and left.

I sat brooding over my beer. How utterly depraved and malicious are these swine? Who would go to the trouble to deliberately undermine a public search engine? I looked at the results of the search again - some cunned stunt was snarking about how awful that dress looked. Another was bloviating about Trump's creepy dance with his daughter at the celebration. Look - you have the right to your opinion - but I have the right to mine too. Not only that, in order for me to make informed opinions, I need access to the information to form those opinions. What else are you media assholes hiding from me? Do you know what kind of provocation this is? How far does this kind of shit go...?

I'm sorry folks. It used to be that I could disagree with liberals but still respect them. But that point was passed over a decade ago. I've never made any secret of the contempt I have for them and the only reason I tolerated them was because they were harmless. But this...? Oh boy. This kinda bullshit is not acceptable at all.

I just want the Usual Suspects to know one thing: I'm watching. Not only that, I am remembering faces and names. I know that a guy can get in big trouble on the internet for saying the wrong things, but it might behoove some of our duller friends on the left side of the political spectrum to take this opportunity to very carefully think about what ISN'T being said.

To the rest of you Yanks - I would check your holsters, your loads and your mags. I think these shit heads are going to escalate this and it could very well get nasty.


  1. It's been no secret that Google has been stacking the deck, Glen. It's been doing this for quite some time. No surprises here.

    I just saw a video where Madonna stated "...and YES, I've spent a lot of time thinking about blowing up the White House..." Can you do me a favor Glen? Can you grease the skids so that Madonna and the rest of her ilk can "move to Canada?" Once they get there, can you let them loose at the polar bear petting zoo?

    Concerning the spandex; you probably would have had an easier time with the RCMP if the readcoats hadn't found you prancing in the snow, wearing nothing but a leopardskin Speedo!...

    1. The polar bear petting zoo. I almost spilled my gin!
      Man, that's a good one!

      You know why that's so funny? Because 'they' will take one look at the pretty, furry polar bears and immediately want to pet one. Everyone who's ever watched Disney! will tell you how friendly animals really are.

  2. We do not use Google search engine anymore. DuckDuckGo does not track you as Google does. And yes, we are locked and loaded. Yes, we have beauty, taste and class back in the White House...and a real man. The Feminazis are tying themselves in knots over this. It is amazing to watch.

  3. Hmpffff! You've been talking to Quartermain, Pete! Don't believe anything he says: I was riding a bicycle when I had that Spand-Ex garment failure and anything Quartermain says is a bloody lie!!!! :) As for Madonna, that cunned stunt isn't smart enough to blow her own nose. No, she can't come up here, but I have spent a lot of time thinking about feral hog hunting in the USA. If she's in the right place at the right time....

    I have Brave, Tewshooz... and I think I am going to start using it more often. Keep your eyes peeled, friend. I think this one is going to get worse!