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Friday, 27 January 2017

Shitty White People

Yannow I have been as bad as anyone else. I mocked and derided those cankle blossoms that did that women's-march-with-the-vagina-hat thing. Uncle Bob is chortling about how they finally got the fat ugly feminists out and exercising. Another wank was calling it "The Million Cnut March". HAR HAR HAR! There is no blade sharper than humour!!!

Last night I stopped by my daughter's blog. She is right into that shit right up to her elbows. She admires these women that claim they are still oppressed and degraded by patriarchy but can't explain how. The ones that will mock and insult you as a matter of course - but are shocked and offended if you DARE to reciprocate. She thinks the Fourth Reich is rising up and coming to get her. Ye gods. Don't worry about imaginary Nazis, kid - why, if I ever get my hands on you, I'll....

I've said it often enough without really grasping the import of it. In this war of the sexes, anything that hurts one of them ultimately hurts them both. Those capering, shrieking nasty women in the protest ... they are our daughters, our mothers and sisters. And so many of them are so utterly, hopelessly fucked up with no hope of ever redeeming themselves. My daughter will never have a home or car at the rate she's going. I pray to God that she and her love partner never get their hands on kids. She would see me as the second coming of Adolph Hitler and she would almost spit on her mother for being an eeeevil, deluded Christian. Sure, it's the stuff of high comedy when it's coming from some pink haired, pierced and tattooed she-twink; but when it comes from one of your own? Boy oh boy - that stings and leaves a mark! And of course, because we are enlightened and tolerant... women like my daughter fester and fume and act on their misery and try and spread it. Like me, she is seriously considering violence in the clashes ahead and she will consider it self defense. Or at least - her tribe is. If that tribe ever DOES get stupid about it and gets violent - they're going to get slaughtered and they are going to deserve it. Having blood and skin in this culture war doesn't change right from wrong. It only makes doing right harder.

She DID have the greatest link to a vid. Some kid with a "Larry The Cable Guy" accent was going on about how Trump's election didn't bother him because...well - they had 8 years of bliss with Obama! "Yah know what Ah like aba'at Abamah? He just done drove shitty white people NUTS fer 8 YEARS! He riled up white shit birds from hare in Texas n Alabam right on up to Montana....!" HAR HAR HAR! I wish I had the accent that kid had! HAR HAR HAR!!!! I suppose it was totally beyond that boy that in fact - he was a shitty white kid too. Growing up for him is going to be more hurtful than it needs to be. Almost certainly he will grow up to be a shitty white man too. If he lives that long.

I don't wanna be a stick in the mud or anything, boys - but those clucky women and their mangina men aren't a laughing matter. They are a sign of a diseased culture and it will affect us all. A lot of those women need time on the psychologist's couch and no bones about it. They WILL spread their misery too. One day that stunned cnut in the vagina hat might be YOUR son or daughter. For chrissakes guys - hold your kids close. Don't trust their teachers or even other family members - ESPECIALLY liberal ones. Make sure YOU are raising them and raising them right. Kids NEED to be spanked once in awhile. They NEED boundaries and rules. They need structure and direction.

They need fathers. And women need husbands. Those women in the marches don't have any of that. At best they've had parodies of marriage and family and that is why they are in the streets today, angry, miserable and wretched and not knowing why. You don't want yours in that boat with them.

But...FAH!!!! It's Friday! And pay day! AND... I gotta a new rifle inbound! Should be here next week! Sometimes ya just need to stay focused and positive.

For us, at least, for now - life is good.


  1. you are correct.
    all these crazy 'movements' are symptoms of a disease--like finding a lump somewhere in your body where it shouldn't be.
    the devil has got hold of the West with all his considerable talons and he won't let go.
    got to pray him away. it is the only thing that works.
    don't approve of all our president's moves but he is doing well and mightily.
    his election came from millions of prayers and God graciously heard and answered, even though a nation of baby murderers and other perversions does not deserve it.
    thanks to Him.
    we must not just shrug off the 'moonbats'. they are dangerous.
    they are many and they are thoughtless, ignorant , hateful and merciless.
    keep praying.

  2. Funny how all of these people have so much time to protest. Me? I'm too busy working... I can't seem to get far enough ahead of keeping the utilities on, the pantry and gas tanks filled, the cars fixed, the... well.. you get the idea, to go driving off to some hyper-populated area, pay $100.00 for the day to park, just to say something like "I stand with Planned Parenthood."

    By the way; to those who say that, count yourself blessed, as it's more than the millions of babies PP has killed can do...

    Are you as tired of this sh!t as I am, Glen? Frankly, I think Western society is a cnut-hair from throwing a rod!

    1. Your words " a cnut-hair from throwing a rod!"
      I can surely imagine how it will be! and I am in full agreement. It is very, VERY disturbing how our world's changed so quickly for the worse. Cannot dismiss my feeling it's come about by the internet ...and social sites in particular. Some real nasties.... morals thrown out the window.

    2. Just so Caddie.

      Growing up, my daughter would sit in her room on the computer with her friends and socialize with them. I tried to get her out with the normal kids but they found her unlikeable and weird. But the queers on the internet? They have their own whole community there - and I didn't discover it until it was too late. The bile and venom I saw there makes that woman's march look tame. My daughter IS one of those nasties now and there's not a damned thing I or anyone else can do about it now.

  3. Get the unions and liberal Marxists out of the schools. Brainwashing begins in the schools. Once kids are indoctrinated it is almost impossible to pull them back.

    1. So true. If you went through that crowd of vagina-clad protesters, Tewshooz - a goodly number of 'em would be teachers and educators. They are pushing this degenerate bullshit in the schools and now it's so bad, we have an entire generation ruined by it.

  4. Pete I was done a long time ago. All I can do is tag along with the wife and Deb and hope God can sort it out. Like you, I have better things to do. The time comes when eventually the bills are paid, the chores are done and the hard work pays off. Who wants to spend good free time with nasty women? I would rather snag a free coffee and a cookie off Deb and her Christians, maybe throw out a prayer for my kid and for them - and head for the field or stream or the range. I see no status in being a deliberate victim or in posing as one.