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Filthie's Mobile Fortress Of Solitude
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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Yaaaaaa dee daaaahhhh, ya da dee dah

Gaaaaba gabbaweebeeweejab...

Crapping in a winter wonderland....

Oh - hi everyone! No doubt you're wondering why I am not perched upon my regal Thunderbox!

This morning I went in to see a customer that has a bigger mouth than even I have - he prattled on and on and on and I had a huge case of the gut rumbles going on all the while. I thought I could make it back to the office but it didn't work out that way - I had to divert and make an emergency pit stop at the Aaaadmontin Science Park. And as ya might imagine in such circumstances - I've frozen my arse to the toilet seat! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Oh I'm alright. BW Bandy is enroute down to Tennessee to bum a flame thrower off Wirecutter. He'll pick it up, and then ride his motorcycle back up here and spark it up and thaw me out. He should get here sometime in April or May...  :) Please NOTE: Anybody that makes rude jokes about rump roasts at my expense will be fined $5.00!!! I did get some pics on the way in though - the trees are magnificent in this bleak, grey day.

It's supposed to warm up later in the week and if it does I might be able to pry myself off my throne in this frozen fortress of solitude. There's no need to tell me to stay frosty - I have that one well in hand! Have a great hump-day!