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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Find 10 Things YOU Like About Black People

For Gavin it's no sweat. Oh wait - this is edgy stuff amongst the media fags. Let me show ya how it's done Gavin!

For me, I would have to insist on a definition of terms. Are we talking about niggers, or black people? There is a difference and I don't give a chit about who gets offended by it. But getting back to Gavin's list.

  1. Well they also sing and dance pretty good too, Gavin. I know he's writing with a heavy dose of sarcasm but really - if you want dirty conversations with a fella with an above average IQ, I know any number of white people that will be happy to oblige starting with Yours Truly! (None of 'em are libtards).
  2. Rap music sucks cack and if you listen to it and like it - you probly do too!
  3. Pbbbfbfbfffffft. Our own Bohunks (Ukranians) eat better AND have a sense of humour WITHOUT the violence and crime.
  4. Oh, sure. Sure they do, Gavin. Jus' check da treads on Tyrone here...
  5. If ya had an IQ ABOVE 85 ya might wanna check out an RRSP...
  6. That's probly because half of them have warrants out for them...
  7. It's called 'tribalism' Gavin.
  8. True, dat.
  9. If by entrepreneur you mean con - sure.
  10. See number 7, Gavin.
I'll say it. As a group I hate blacks and would never live among them. Neither would most of the people that would call me a racist for saying so. Scold me after you've lived next door to Somalies and Haitians, bub.

When I was a kid we were raised on the multi-culti pipe dream. It was pushed at us 24/7 and even as a kid I thought it was a crock of chit. The female teachers had a bird when I called my classmates packies, chinks n' niggers. As kids names like that meant nothing because most of us had nicknames like Dink, Shitty, Bag Biter, etc. Why - if your nickname WASN'T offensive you were hurt! The male teachers I had overlooked our foul mouths unless some bint was around forcing them to punish speech crime. Otherwise they smirked or rolled their eyes and ignored it.

I spent a lot of time at the office getting in shit.

But I'll tell you this - for the vast majority of teachers, I had ABSOLUTELY no respect and now as an adult - I have even less. I know what their gig is: for the vast majority it's one of the unionized pooch-screwer posing as an 'educator'.  If any of those morons had half a brain, they would leave the kids with their offensive hate speech provided they all got along and learned their lessons.

But political correctness empowers stupid people, liberals and teachers so fat chance of that happening.

For my own racist self - I'll take my black people one at a time and hate whoever I want.

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  1. I pretty much agree. I tell folks that I'm neither racist or bigoted, but I'm prejudiced as all hell. For those too stupid to know the difference, there's no need to try explaining.