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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Learnin Em Right

Gorges Grouse has a good one up about some poor hapless kid that got thrown to the lions for the sin of bringing a pocket knife to school. The kid was expelled, shot, hung, quartered and then his skull was cracked open, and his brains stepped on with dirty shoes! THAT’LL learn ‘im. That’ll learn ‘em all REAL good! Contrariwise if the kid had been caught with a bag of dope it would have been a slap on the wrist because all healthy kids want to rebel and experiment with drugs, right? And – if they destroyed themselves with them, it would have been all society’s fault!!!

I tell everyone that will listen that if you have kids in public school – GET THEM OUT. GET THEM OUT NOW. Your kids are going to be thrown in with every sort of failed liberal social experiment there is. The teachers are pretty much union pooch screwers that see your kid as a pawn in wage negotiations and that’s it. That sounds awful (and it is) but to be fair – teachers cannot get emotionally invested in their students anymore. They have the liberal narrative every bit as much as the media does – the only problem is that any narrative will break down with the kids. They don’t know about such things as narratives or how to hide the evidence when they break down. So you get situations where a young boy comes to school with all the hope and promise of any smart kid – but goes home to two or three lesbians fathers one of whom is sexually abusive. Or they try and convince elementary school kids that they are transgendered. Or they go home to a single mom that doesn’t have any interest in them and wants the school to be a free day care for her offspring. Teachers quit because of that – or the good ones do. The usual union pooch screwers don’t care. It was bad when I was a kid and it’s absolutely crazy now. Half those teachers are clueless social justice warriors and are actively pushing lunacy like homosexuality and other perversion at the kids.

But I digress. We’re talking about learning ‘em real good. The other day (so the story goes) the guys in Montreal were having problems with a sophisticated piece of machinery some of which came from the UK – and some of which was fabbed up locally. The parts of the machine weren’t going together right, and our product specialists were talking with their counterparts in the UK. “Send us a picture,” the UK team said over the speaker phone. So one of the junior techs pulled out his cell, took a pic and was asking for emails to send it too – when a shitstorm of epic proportions broke out! You can’t have a cell phone on the shop floor!!!! Like anything, there’s always someone that will abuse a good thing and ruin it for everyone else, and cell phones were a hot point for our management. Apparently some gold brickers were using them to facebook and tweet and play Angry Birds on them while they should have been working. As a result, phones were banned on the shop floor during working hours, and any violation would be punished by death. The offender would be dressed in oily rags, stuffed into the breech block with toilet plungers – and FIRED out of a cannon as an example to anyone else that dared flout the rules!!! So – they wrote him up and read him the riot act!

What’s the lesson? Why – keep your cell in your pocket, keep your lip zipped and if ya see the management doing something stupid, keep your mouth shut. And – it might not be a bad idea to tweak the resume and look for another job while you’re at it….

I wonder if it isn’t possible to learn ‘em TOO good sometimes…


  1. The public school thing is pure truth. My "man-children," especially the youngest (26), were so indoctrinated in public school that it's virtually impossible to tell that they were raised in a Christian family. Anything goes for them. And yes; they would have been suspended for TWO WEEKS if they called someone gay, even if they WERE homosexual.

    My "kids" graduated quite a while back. God only knows what the new batch of young'uns are being taught... and I doubt He approves...

  2. When I was a kid in school I always had a pocketknife on me. I went to schools in small towns. I only got questioned about it when I attended school in a city.

  3. In 5th grade...
    Teacher: Does anyone have a pocketknife?
    Hands go up.
    Teacher: Could I borrow that for a minute? Thank you.