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Monday, 20 February 2017

Moooooom!!! The Mohave Rat Is Committing Suicide Again!!!!!

She's been a tough weekend round here.

Yesterday I went out to the range to take a crack at some long range pistol work. It was warm out so I grabbed my cap n' ball revolver (1860 Army repro) - and headed out. I was only shooting at 50m but things went wrong right from the start! I had nothing but misfires and had to drop the hammer on a couple caps twice before they went off! But....lordy, that little gun can shoot. I had a four inch group going but decided to shut the gun down and take it home to clean it right out before shooting it anymore. Might have a weaked hammer spring or something.

Last night the wife made roast and potatoes and I lost control and gobbled myself into a food-coma. I couldn't  stay awake and went to bed early and then started farting like a mule around 11:00. Poor Macey got so disgusted she had to sleep downstairs with Mort and I think my wife died! (A dawg's sense of smell can be both a blessing and a curse I suppose). Then around three I cut a ripper so bad it woke ME up and now, because I went to bed early...I can't get back to sleep! Oh well, I'll just have to have a nap in the afternoon - because it's a long weekend up here in Canada!

So I am half in this world, half in the next as I turn on the computer - bluuurrrrrrgghhh - to find that The Mohave Rat has crapped in the comments up and down and all around! (He must have gotten into the meat and potatoes too). So I went into the blog thingamajig to try and delete his chit - and accidentally deleted a bunch of the comments from the sane visitors too! Sorry about that folks. In my own defense I was half asleep when I did it. As always, your input is sincerely appreciated and we appreciate your stopping by.

Apparently I ruined Rat's life about 3 weeks back when I left a bit of helpful, constructive criticism in the comments of one of his dumber posts. Everything went downhill after that, some folks started leaving other comments for him about 'taking his meds before posting' and the old bastid got so offended - he decided to learn everyone a good lesson by committing suicide! Again.

I know. I KNOW, alright?!?!? Sheeesh!!! I know I shouldn't laugh but I suppose that this is just yet another example of how men age better than women. When men get old and stupid they become the masters of high comedy:

Red Foxx was also a master of the theatrical dramatic exit.

When women get old and stupid, they... they.... errrr....

GAH! Where was I, and how did I get sidetracked down this unsavoury avenue of discussion? Old men ramble too.

Ah, yes! Comments! The comments are being censored moderated. For now. Rat's done this before: he posts something stupid, his readers call him on it or un-follow him, he gets mad at the world and goes off line... and then comes back when his meds kick in or he can't stifle himself anymore and has to pull down his pants in public to get the attention he craves, HAR HAR HAR!

Sorry again for the inconvenience, folks. Please do drop me a line if you're so inclined.


  1. Hi Glen. I left the meds comments at Rat's Nest. Rat has been around since at least 2008 causing problems.

    The guy has used several blogger accounts, sometimes he's Randall Adams, or Mohave Rat. When I first noticed him at another prepper blog, he was using a satanic handle, seb... something.

    He told all the preppers they were stupid for prepping because he would sneak up on them and hit them in the head with his claw-hammer and steal their supplies. They ran him off, then he came back with another blogger profile.

    Then he started with the disabled vet thing, everybody should be happy to support me...blah,blah blah.

    He's a lying sob.


    1. Yeah he has a few screws loose. I decided to put my boot up his ass when he started mouthing off about my wife because she was a Christian and he absolutely HATES Christians.

      Whatever - he as been cast down with the sodomites and sinners and banished from the realm! :)

  2. Ah, I see. Please ignore my previous comment (WTF?!) and carry on, knowing that if you were the trigger to the Rat's suicide, you've made the world a better place.