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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

One Of The Finest Blogging Minds Is Back

No, I am not talking about Chicken Mom, BW Bandy or Uncle Bob - although you would be correct to suspect it - but Kim du Toit.

He's one of those rare men that when confronted with leftist political snark - can give it right back to them without profanity and cut them off at the knees. He is certainly a complex man and a deep thinker that often shares his doings and life events with others. Right now he's coping with the recent loss of his wife - and by all accounts he'll be alright. He has a strength of character that I deeply envy. I used to read his stuff regularly until he quit blogging about ten years ago. Apparently he's back in the game and it's good to see him.

He is one of the blogging Big Guns and he's going up on the Toilet Roll as soon as I find the time.


  1. Red hot damn on a Saturday night with a five dollar pistol and a sawbuck whore! The quality of the Internet just went up some fraction of a percentage point.

    1. I think it went up a whole bunch, Jack!