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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday Slop

When I was a kid one of the funnest things there was - was to provoke the adults and our elders into fits and watch them chimp out in rage! We drew swastikas on our school books and on the crapper walls. We carried packs of smokes around and didn't smoke them - just to watch our parents flip out. Then we DID smoke them and they shat bricks that were square! The game was a win if ya got away with it and you lost if you got your arse beat. I loved the game and have the tanned ass in the 24 ounce saddle-leather range to show for it! Growing up, I skirted around the edges of juvenile delinquency and hung around with boys that went over the line all the time. They often did real damage that might have hurt someone. My rule was that as long as there was a good rude joke in it and nobody got hurt - it's game on! The smarter cops and adults knew what I was about and were often enabling and tolerant of my BS. They were probably assholes themselves in their childhood.

I dunno how I ever learned anything. Yannow - the more I think about it, the more I have to admire my elders for their restraint. I woulda shot a little shit like me, HAR HAR HAR!!! A-house notes the bravery of the citizens of Noo Yawk Focken City (NYFC) as they courageously rise to the occasion of battling Trumpian racism, fascism, and public mischief! Thank GOODNESS for hand sanitizer and conscientious citizens!!!! Oh those dastardly Trumpkins!!!!

Up here in Canada, liberal maggot and sleazebag lawyer Warren Kinsella uncovered a fiendish plot to revive The Fourth Reich right here in Canada when he took a dump in the washroom of a local hockey rink - and noticed a swastika drawn on the wall. Showing all the courage of a grade 2 Hall Monitor - he alerted the media and blew the whistle on the whole operation. (The kids responsible were never caught but you can bet ol' Warren here gave them a fright!!!). After that, EVERYONE knew exactly what kind of racist cesspool Canada was!

This pasty faced liberal turd brain brave heart singlehandedly thwarted the rise
of the Fourth Reich in Canada. You won't see it in Wikipedia,
so we post it here for your reference:
This mealy mouthed idiot was a senior advisor to one of our
most corrupt and incompetent Prime Ministers.
Truthfully, he's a shit stain on Canadian politics.

This champion of state run-censorship, this persecutor of crime-think, this pillar of Canadian political correctness; Warren is all that stands between niceness... and this:


Yannow I'm 53 years old and it never gets old: watching virtue-signalling stupid people flip out at the sight of a swastika just makes me smile - most of 'em are socialists. It never occurs to those meat holes that socialists killed far more people, including Joos, far more inhumanely - than the fascists ever did. It's my contention that fascists scare the shit out of socialists and communists because it is obvious that the fascists are smarter and stronger than they ever will be. If Hitler hadn't lost his marbles and opened up a second front in WW 2 he almost assuredly would have won it - or at least, taken Europe. Nobody ever seems to notice that commies rely heavily on slave labour and police state tactics to make their economies and societies run. Or that they invariably, eventually - fail.

Today, I am older, more mature, and I know exactly what that swastika stands for and what it means - unlike fags like Kinsella that invoke it at the drop of a hat! Or American hipsters and kidults that protest everything Trump does. I know the swastika is a modern symbol evil and hate - but it's just too much darn fun to watch liberal idiots as their heads explode at the sight of it! I can't resist!!!!

Gott unt felchyurselffen vit unt chainsawzen, you lefty fucknuckles!!!
The good ol' swastika - still making stupid people flip
out the same way it did for me 40 years ago...

If I have offended any eeeeevil jooos, deplorable Trumpsters, or humour-challenged bedwetters, pissers and moaners with my return to my infantile childhood - you are heartily encouraged to go call somebody who cares. In Canada, at least, it isn't the fascists ya gotta worry about - it's the fuggin socialists and no bones about it! In returning to my childhood with this post - that swastika is posted strictly as a raised middle finger to old women like Warren Kinsella and Hillary Clinton. Any ensuing comedy and hilarity is purely unintentional and coincidental.

Maybe it's time for leftists to grow the fuck up.
Developing and using a sense of humour would be a great
first step.
Vote Glen Filthie
for Canadian Prime Minister
in 2019!
Make Canada Great Again!!!


  1. When I was a kid-10 or 11 years old, (I am 58 now, you do the math)the family was staying at my Grandfathers beach house. He was a WW2 Navy vet of the Pacific war...He had quite a collection of flags there, including a Japanese Naval Ensign, IE the Rising Sun flag. Well... Being a young history buff, I got up one morning, selected that flag, and ran it up the pole overlooking the beach. It was not long before the phone began to ring, and my old man looked outside. Orders were issued, and I was sent out to surrender the Japanese Empire once and for all. I believe I was made to shovel a sand dune from "Here" to "Over There" as penance. Just in case you wondered, shoveling sand is a lot like shoveling water...

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