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Thursday, 23 February 2017

When God Is Needed More Than Ever

I'm not a particularly religious man. I know there is a God in only the most rudimentary way: Somebody had to light the fuse on the Big Bang. Anyone who has been there for the birth of his child or for the passing of a loved one has to feel something of God or whatever ya wanna call Him. For most of us, that 'Do Unto Others' thing is strictly enforced: if you go round crapping on people, sooner or later (more often, the former) - life finds a way to crap on YOU. And it serves ya right too. If you survive, Darwin comes to your rescue and you would hopefully learn from the experience.

I dunno if this is fake or not. I have my doubts, but we DO have an understanding of genetics that is expanded by orders of magnitude every couple of years; the human genome has been mapped forward and backwards and now all that remains is identifying which genes manifest themselves in certain physical traits and behaviours. Things can get shady when we speak of an organism's behaviour... in some cases all we know for sure is that certain genetics will tend to produce certain behaviours in the organism's next generation. (I like Scott, he was predicting a Trump win back when only loons like Uncle Bob were predicting such an event). But like most real intellectuals - he is entirely capable of missing stuff that is intuitively obvious to simple men like me.

"Science keeps discovering new buttons on the user interface for humans. Many of us are already chemical cyborgs, with personalities that come from big pharma and not our own DNA."

Hey, Scott? Who is the User in this case? We are playing with fire here - when we humans start monkeying with that 'user interface' a cyborg is actually one of our better results. We turn perfectly good humans into monsters with drugs every day. I am no saint in this regard; I have done so too with a bottle of scotch round the campfire. I have never been seriously hurt by booze, unlike some... but it hasn't done me any favours either. I treat the stuff with respect for the most part. The argument can be made that monkeying with that User Interface can improve a person by turning him into a cyborg or zombie and there is merit in it. Such is the case with many mental illnesses. My intent is not to push religion at anyone, but for my two cents there is only one other Being in this universe that has any business playing with that User Interface, and other than the most extreme cases - that Interface is best left to Him. That's all I'll say about that.

"By the way, what most defines you as an individual? It isn’t your body, because your cells have died and been replaced many times, yet you are the same person. And you aren’t the sum of your knowledge, because that has changed since you were a baby, yet you are the same person."

Scott thinks your preferences define you. I would say it's the soul but that's just me. Souls can't be perceived by men like Scott, who believe that perception is reality. (How can otherwise intelligent men believe such claptrap? In high concentrations, you won't perceive H2S and it will kill you before you realize what's happening - and to hell with your 'preferences').

Can you hear them? The Usual Suspects will jump up and down, clap their pudgy little hands in glee and claim we should be all over this, religion has never done anything good for anyone except cause wars! Well, you hairless monkeys, you tool-using super apes... what else does that particular button on the User Interface do? If it suppresses your religiosity, might it not suppress other elements of your preferences too? Like your sense of right and wrong? As Scott's commenters point out - if religion goes out the window, chances are Warble Gloaming, the Gay Agenda and half a dozen other sacred cows go to the crematorium with it, HAR HAR HAR!

If that doesn't dissuade the Usual Suspects from acting rashly, I might point out that several years back scientists thought they had isolated 'the gay gene' too. When talk turned to 'curing homosexuality' the whole thing disappeared down the memory hole like it never existed. The moslems  would probly appreciate such a cure - then they wouldn't have to throw so many otherwise good people of the tops of tall buildings, right?

So? Go ahead, you simian simpletons, you buggardly blue bummed baboons - push that button and see what it does!

And may God have mercy on us all.

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  1. God exists, whether a person believes He does or not. The fact that you capitalize He, Him, and all the other references to God speaks volumes as to your respect for Him.

    Face it; God needs saints... He also needs soldiers, sailors, bikers... whatever gets the job done!

    By the way; fur makes you look fat...

  2. That's not fat! It's muscle! I'm bulking up for my looming fight with Uncle Bob over at the Treehouse... ;)