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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Computer Post Mortem

Well my 'puter is back and I thought it had gotten virused from all the goat porn that I my buddies at work watch on it. The little pakie kid at Staples said it was something wrong with Windows 10 but he couldn't say what. So they wiped it and reinstalled everything and I am off to the races again.

And, I am going up the wall with the grumpy old man blues because MSN news is the default home page on it again. I HATE MSN with the heat of 1000 suns! Well over 50% of the articles are about staggeringly stupid people doing staggeringly stupid things. Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin does the exact same thing but at least he's smart enough to put a good rude joke in the stuff he posts.

Forgot what the MSN title for this chick getting run over by
the cop car was.
WC would have made some sport over it
involving 'Okies' no doubt.
(I am assuming he is referring to people from
Oklahoma with that - I wouldn't know because I am
Canadian and we hate fwench people from Queerbec up here).
Ya never see the damned frogs getting run over
by cop cars.
Pity, that...

As a thought experiment I searched through the intellectual sewage of that homepage looking for something that might appeal to an intellect with an IQ above freezing. I actually found an article where they discovered a super-massive black hole in a galaxy 8 billion light years away and that it moves at 4 million MPH. Of course they couldn't explain the mechanics of that but how many mouth breathers would have the attention span to assimilate something like that anyways?

Then I found this gem -  a heart warming story about a man giving birth to his own daughter. (Click on the link at your own risk). Here comes another fugged up kid into the world, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. I wonder if that chubster in the vid that got run over by the cop car was raised by degenerates? The nation waits with baited breath to see how this great social experiment turns out!

As for me - seeing as how I have all the wrong opinions and can't tell a couple dykes from a couple trannies - the world has no use for me, nor me for it! Was gonna do coffee with Mary and Pete but they couldn't get out of bed (HAR HAR HAR - Look who's getting old now!). I have better things to do so I'll be out at the range wringing out both The Retirement Rifle and The Hemorrhoid Rifle. I have a few experiments of my own to conduct.

Go outside and play! It's spring, dontchya know!

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