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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Deriving Value From Today's Useless Mainstream Media

I'm in the same boat as Unca Bob. I gave up on the media back in the 90's. Most people did - the only folks taking the media seriously these days are idiots and elderly Boomers living in sheltered retirement bubbles that have no idea how the world works now. When I DO read the mainstream media - I read it through the lens of their agenda. When you do that the media CAN'T lie - their lies merely tell the truth of what they're lying about.

Take Canada's failing liberal shit rag - The Globe & Mail. These staggeringly stupid fuckwits have lost pretty much all credibility with the vast majority of the nation - even the liberals aren't buying their dreck anymore. It's written by the boringly predictable homosexuals, feminists, socialists and other dregs that infest and run Canada's big cities out east. Margaret Wente is their token conservative - and they're too fuggin' stupid to realize that she's not all that conservative at all. Let's look at her latest 'conservative' flub-dubbery: Why Trolls Love To Pick On Women.

Take a minute to read that. Look - I know it's the usual femcnut crap - just read it, okay? I'll wait.

Finished? Sorry to put ya through that. But there's a reason to: there is a whole heaping shovelful of value in that liberal excrement - ya just gotta be able to compost it first! HAR HAR HAR!

First, with the application of critical thought - you can derive some worthy questions that will produce insights you ordinarily would have missed.

  • Do women actually get trolled more so than men? When I am slumming the blogs I will take Bob, BW and all the boys into the boards and let 'em have it with the high sticks! I try to be respectful of the ladies and curb my potty mouth on their blogs. I would say that it's more a case of idiots getting trolled than women. Better cut that train of thought off here and let you continue with it on your own.
  • "Media outfits employ small armies of watchdogs to keep this smelly effluent from polluting their online comments sections. Others have just given up and dropped online comments entirely. If comments were allowed to go their own way, they’d mostly consist of insults and potty talk." Are there any adults in the WORLD who haven't heard or used 'potty talk'? Why should an adult need this suppressed?  Nobody can force you to read what's on your computer screen. So Mags - seriously, what's the justification for censorship? And why do you censor comments that don't contain any of it whatsoever?
  • What separates trolling from on-line disagreement? Why is it that women often can't tell the difference?
  • If the trolls are nothing more than schoolyard bullies and childish pranksters, why do women get so upset about them?
  • Maggie describes the troll in minute detail: psychopathy, narcissism, impulsiveness and sadism. (It used to be us icky men had a 'Dark Triad' of personality flaws, now it's a Dark Tetrad, HAR HAR HAR!!!!). What traits would your average militant lesbian feminist have? This is my favourite - 'women tend to keep their opinions private...' she said in a public newspaper.

So, what's the take away? Good grief - most women are too damned stupid to understand the concept of 'sticks and stones' - even when those utterly harmless words are thrown out by morons. The other point they didn't want to get across was that these stupid women are losing control of their narrative - they didn't allow comments because some ignernt redneck might come along and crap in the comments and spark derisive laughter and jeers.

Not mentioning any names, of course, HAR HAR HAR! But - I have to give the Glob N' Pail credit - they finally got me to click on one of their articles and actually read it. It happens every couple of months.

Are ya still a troll if ya do it on your own blog? Probly not, you're more likely a racist/homophobe/fascist with a little dink - and therefore a viable target for she-twinks, landwhales, and vibrants. The media NEVER lies!

Have a good Sunday.


  1. Landwhales? LANDWHALES???? Damn it, Glen; you did it again! I gotta stop reading your stuff while at lunch! Y'know how much it hurts when you laugh so hard a chunk of Jalapeno comes out yer nose?


  2. I left a comment for the author:

    You might try reading the book, "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police" by Vox Day. The reality is that if you're in a public position, you'll be attacked and the only questions are when, and what you'll do to counter attack. As for the politicos, they knew what they were getting into when they ran for election. If they can't take it, then get out and let someone else have the position.

    I had the same questions and comments you expressed, and that was before I read the rest of your post.