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Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday Night Steam CANCELLED

Don't get mad at me!!! It's the fire department, dontchya know!!!
I didn't know that Bohunks lived in Coopville...
and wonder how they managed to find jobs in the towns fire


  1. So... in case a train comes by, the hose is safe; right?

    ...tough, hi-impact plastic...

    I tell 'ya Glen, this whole thing is coming off the rails!

  2. Bwahawahahahahaha! Pay no attention to him folks.......FNS is up and runnin'! Really Glen - do I have to send up our volunteer fire department from Joisey ???? :o)

    1. I am open to peaceful negotiation before resorting to violence, CM.

      Hmmmmmm... the Bohunk Fire Dept? Tell ya what: we'll take 'em, but you have to take the Aaaaadmontin City Council in exchange! It's a square deal: one mickey mouse outfit for another...!