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Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday Speakeasy: That's Right

I was busy gobbing in the beer glasses and polishing 'em up for the customers because it's gonna be a busy day today: it's Welfare Cheque Day and I was preparing for the 9am rush! So I'll be damned - Uncle Bob and Quartermain walk in and other than their beards, they're clean, and sober. I knew something was up. Quartermain looks at Bob, points at me - and the next thing I know, Bob is kicking and punching and slapping me out the damn door! "We're under new management," Quatermain calls as I fall sprawling into the urine-soaked back alley.

Welp - I'll be go to hell, as the Bohunk farmers say around here! I saunter around to the front, go back in and Quatermain and Bob are auditioning acts for the Friday Night Speakeasy. They're doing a good job of it too! The place looks classier already despite the two beardos!

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