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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Game For Old Guys

A gentleman blogger recently posted a rightful post about the toxic idea of young men gaming young women by taking advantage of their semantic blind spots. It is possible, only in the most superficial ways - with low women and tire biters.

For us older fellas though - especially those of us in the 'dirty old man' demographic - any advantage must be pounced upon and capitalized!

Don't stand up though - or yer pants will fall down.
Suspenders are an excellent idea
as a man ages


  1. C'mon, Glen; suspenders look stupid on the beach... even way up there where you live!

    ...I prefer Velcro... It hooks well to the hair on my back, and hides well...

    1. What?!?! Pete - they're putting logos and camo patterns on 'em now! Where have you been? Under a rock?

      I won't post pictures of myself in Trilene suspenders because the women will get all hot and bothered and start thinking of me in terms of a sex object! Wouldn't be fair to their husbands, dontchya know! :)

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