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Sunday, 26 March 2017

How To Park Your Butt

This is how ya do it right.

I envy Gorges and The Mighty Ankle Biter because they have achieved a moment of clarity. It's hard to do for some folks. My mind is like a chattering woman - it never shuts up! It takes an active effort of sheer will for me to silence it!

Sometimes I can silence it and it comes natural but only when I have gone to extreme lengths. A campfire at night after a day's fishin' will do it. Sometimes at work I will just shut down - hit the turn signal and rather than driving on, I'll stop and turn into an old church yard, or cemetery or even a roadside turnout in a picturesque area - and chill. I hate it, but I will shut that cell phone and kill the truck - just to revel in the silence and peace of it sometimes.

I've been talking to the dogs for awhile now - suppose I always have. In my defence Macey is as smart as a whip with a vocabulary of at least a couple hundred words. Talking to Mort is like talking to a wall.

The dawg has it right.

I can forgive that young man in the pic, he's probly got a family, bills to pay, asshole relatives, troublesome kids and the whole nine yards. But at my age most of my big problems are solved. My bills are all paid. I am not rich but I'm free. Kid's gone, asshole relatives were banished, and life is pretty good now. But still my mind yammers on about this and that - and it's all out of sheer habit. I obsess and fret about little shit rather than big shit now. What foolishness!

I just polished off a breakfast of eggs and toast - and now I am going on a high priority Dawg Mission - I will load them up and drag them out someplace new where they can rampage off leash without some neurotic bed wetter getting pissy about it.

And - I am going to shut down. I will restart later. Have a good Sunday.


  1. Yup; 'know the feeling! My mind is like a radio between stations. It goes from this, to that, to whatever, even at night. It truly sucks at times. 'Don't know why God made the likes of us the way He did...