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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I Prepare To Make War On The Fools Of Coopville

The first of my eeeeeevil Army Of The Night come to my call!
King Charlie will fall to the Forces Of Evil.
Today, Coopville, tomorrow, the WORLD!

This cheeky little bugger sat on my window looking for a treat this morning. All I have is coffee. I rolled down the window a bit to see if he would spook - but he made as if to come in the truck! HAR HAR HAR!

The raven is a powerful totem animal for natives and wagon burners. If I remember my lore correctly, he is seen as a good sort, but a ruthless prankster. I can see why - this fellow had a buddy pecking at the ground underneath and he just shat on him, HAR HAR HAR! Oh yeechttt!!!

I'm going to ask Chicken Mom if I can keep him...


  1. I used to have to deal with ravens and magpies when I was stationed in the Coast Guard in Kodiak. The damned things would pull cockles out of the mud on the beach, attain the proper altitude/velocity, and drop them on my car! 'Ever see what a two-pound clam can do to sheet metal?

    ...And killing one of the things was tantamount to murder up there! Of course "bird strikes" by the venerable (and heavy)'63 Ford Galaxie were perfectly OK... and relished...

  2. Awwwww! Love crows - you can keep him (if he lets you!)