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Monday, 6 March 2017

Ladies' Men

Kim du Toit examines the intricacies of 'trading up' in marriage. It's a difficult read, given that his wife recently passed away. I happen to agree with Kim, I have precision ground 'wife goggles' that fit my prescription to a 'tee'.

Unca Bob expounds on his ability to charm the ladies without resorting to 'Game' or lame pick up strategies employed by the chads and so-called pick-up artists.  He's right too. The ladies are every bit as smart and cagey as you are fellas, and if you try to game them it's entirely likely that YOU will end up being the one that gets played for the fool. Charm and Game are two very different things. One is real, observable and good - the other is a pant load of crap pedalled by low men to even lower men. I have never been possessed of either Game or charm myself.

Unlike Bob and Kim I am in no position to lecture young men on the fairer sex.

I'm old.

I'm fat n' ugly.

I fart loudly in my sleep and smell bad.

And yet - I'm gonna be 53 this year - and I still get love letters from my girl. We've been a couple now for 36 years.

I got back from Dawg Patrol this morning and had to scramble. I had
to pack quickly and drive up to Ft. Mac for my monthly week long
business trip... and found a love letter beside the 'puter before
I closed it up and left.
I put it in my shirt pocket, close to my heart and took it with me.

No game. No style. No class. No charm. And yet, by the grace of God, here I am, with an intact marriage that is better than it ever has been, even when we were kids. And this, in the midst of an extended family that has torn itself to shreds and shards. There cannot be a more unqualified man to offer advice on the fairer sex than Yours Truly - but clearly, I've done something right. Here's my two bits, for what they're worth in regards to women:

  • Don't take shortcuts. Take the long way round from time to time - you'll be surprised at what you see.
  • Don't take the easy way out. In difficult times take the right way out.
  • Respect your woman AND yourself.

That's it. That's all I got! Not very inspiring, is it...?

Now, if y'all excuse me - I have to reply to this note.  :)

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  1. ... and never, ever, take each other for granted. Over 51 years for us.