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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Musings On A Cold Winter Night

Hmpffff! Says it's -33C out right now up here in Fort Mac. Lord, I am sick of winter. I can't bitch, really, we had a very mild winter. The problem with that is a fella gets acclimatized to that and squeals like a piglet when real winter temps hit. Bah - it's supposed to warm up next week so I'll stop whining.

We finally broke down and bought a little camper trailer awhile back. Part of me is utterly disgusted with myself; I used to love camping all year round in a tent and regarded RV's and trailers for old farts and invalids. Welp... now I'm 53 and my bones don't fit the ground like they used to. The camper we bought has all terrain suspension so I'm hoping I can boondock it on crown land in the back country and spend the summers camping and shooting my black powder guns miles away from the neurotic seniors and bedwetters that infest the public campgrounds with their hookups and such. Our tiny camper has a stove, a microwave, a fridge and all kinds of stuff I don't need. I do like the idea of a furnace, room to stand, and a table for cards and reading. But I will still tarp up and spend most of my time outside in all but the worst weather.

I've seen the old folks with the big pusher motorhomes, towing small vehicles behind and although that doesn't appeal to me in the slightest, I thought it might be a good idea to have maybe a small trail bike along in case the wife wants to go into town or I want to check out the surrounding lay of the land.

That's the Honda Big Rukus with a mighty 50cc motor. If I buy
it the first thing I'll do is race BW Bandy for pink slips.  :)

Something like that would be ideal for putt-putting around the campsite and maybe for short sight seeing on residential and secondary roads. It's small so the wife could easily handle it too. It's got a 4 cycle engine so it should be nice and quiet if a guy is careful.

I had to laugh. The kids are pimping these things out, to impress the
chicks, no doubt. It's a thing now.

Maybe it won't happen this year... but at some point it will.  I just wonder if a guy can get one of those carriers mounted on the back of the trailer...?

It's something warm to think about when it's cold and miserable outside.


  1. Having a camper with a head beats the hell out of escorting the wife to the sh!tter in the middle of the night, Glen. Furnaces are good. Where I live, A/C is even better! You'll get used to it...

    I've seen racks built for the Rukus on the backs of trailers, so they're out there... as long as you don't pimp it out... Arrrgh! Shades of "Good Thing" (Fine Young Cannibals)...

    We're gettin' old, Glen... ...gettin' old...

    Something's gotta change though; maybe an RV club called Bad Sam, or something...

  2. Sounds like a winner. Guess you won't be blogging during the summer then. That will be a lot of catching up during the winter! - lol