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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

So Ya Found My Blog, Spud...

Hey Kid.

Well, thanks for stopping by, I guess. You've probably gone back and seen the bile and venom, I suppose. For me it's largely gone now, but it's still there. Even so, I think about you every day.

I'm not surprised you found it, it's no secret really. Your mom reads it and I'm sure she rolls her eyes at the sick jokes and potty humour the same as you do. When I found yours I was just gobsmacked. We are like oil and water and while our intellects aren't carbon copies - they rhyme at times. Sucks to be you, I guess, HAR HAR HAR! Help yourself to the archives if you're so inclined, because I read your stuff too. Oh yeah - I know who you're talking to, and I know what you're saying. Doesn't bother me any more, really. If I had one question I could get an answer to though, it would be this: you had the guts to come out of the closet. You had the guts to move to another province on a shoe string. You're filled with the progressive zealotry and assured of your own righteousness - yet you haven't the courage to face your father. Or your grandparents, for that matter. What's up with that? When our family tore itself apart they came down solidly on your side. I hope you mended fences there.

Just so you know I gave your grandparents the punt. I didn't appreciate the way they were getting in the middle of this, and I sure as hell didn't like the way you manipulated them. For what it's worth, you were only 50% of what was wrong with the family - those two assholes were the other 50%. When you were small, I watched those two idiots spoiling you and coddling you and getting in the middle of our affairs - and I swear, their intent was to destroy you. Whether they succeeded or not is a matter of perspective I suppose.

We stopped talking about two years ago and I dunno if ya heard, but your Uncle Matt and Aunt Nicole got divorced. I wonder if your idiot grandparents didn't have a hand in that one too? Who knows, you probably have more knowledge than I do about that. I know they did their level best to drive a wedge into my marriage and I won't forgive them for it.

Your Mom started going to church. It's hilarious - she gets dressed up in her Sunday best and still turns heads and she's in her 50's. Sometimes I go too. It wasn't what I expected and I'm glad I go. I've even thrown the odd prayer out for you - not that you go straight and fly right - just that you're happy. God doesn't listen to me much and usually deals with my ass through Darwin and Murphy, HAR HAR HAR! Sorry if ya got any on ya.

Your path is your own, kid. I can't go with you and I wouldn't if I could. That's on me, not you, I have my own road and there's no room on it for cultural Marxism and the inverted morality that goes along with it. I still love you, and if you need us, you know where we are.


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  1. Well done. I'd be proud to be a member of your family.