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Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Prince Of Pot...

...has been busted.


What a fuggin moron. I don't think he cares about pot so much as he does about giving the cops the finger.

About two years ago we did an informal survey at work. At the time we had about 12 employees and only 3 of us didn't use pot. The rest of the staff did and their ages varied from the late teens to early 60's. I can tell a heavy user when I see one. They're not retards, but most of 'em are quite a bit slower on the uptake than your average man. Their lives tend to be trainwrecks too and make my family situation look sane. The older ones never seem to have money but they always have money for grass.

Having said all that I know a lot of nice folks that dabble in it. My older brother does and my neighbours do and a few bloggers I know do too. They're fine, upstanding straight shooting folk that smoke pot and they don't care what me or the cops think about it - but they are careful to be discrete and respectful. How can ya have a problem with that?

This blithering idiot Canadian Prime Minister
supports legalization, which should give any rational adult (and
most brighter children) pause for thought. Unlike 'Blow Job' Bill Clinton,
Young Master Turdo not only inhaled when he smoked it as a kid,
he bent over and sucked cack afterward too! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I might be convinced to go along with legalization while holding my nose against the stench. Most users I know are not addicts but let us be honest about it all and say this about that: this shit isn't a harmless weed nor is it good for ya. The shit they're selling in BC has 20 times the THC levels as the crap the stupid kids were smoking 20 years ago. Nor is there going to be any real way to tax it and regulate it when every second moron can grow this crap in their basement.

My real problem isn't the shit - although it's there. It's the numbers of liberal idiots that have skin in this game. Anything these idiots get behind inevitably turns to shit. I think that when we liberalize and legalize it, the crack cocaine addicts will come crawling out of the wood work to get their recreational pharmaceuticals legalized too. Then the LSD zombies, and other addicts will follow them. I think we're going to see a lot more wrecked young people too. Yannow, they are always the first to take it in the shorts when liberals meddle with law. This stuff IS a gateway drug the same way beer is for alcoholics. What REALLY blows me away is how the health Nazis can poop their pants in rage over tobacco - and go silent as church mice on this shit. Suit yourselves, I guess.

But everything is a double edged blade. Abortion? Why, yes, I think it IS a good thing for liberals to abort their children because most of them are too gawddamned dumb to raise them anyways. Homosexuality and HIV? That one kills liberals by the bushel so there's merit in that too! Hopefully legal weed will help liberals destroy themselves too.

As for me, I don't really care anymore. These idiots can go do to themselves what they're going to do and I will just stock up on ammo and popcorn. I won't even say. "Toldjya so...." when the inevitable consequences of this set in.

Life is a crapshoot and ya play the hand yer dealt.


  1. Down here, you get busted for pot, but you get methadone if you're addicted to heroin. Explain THAT! I'm not for legalization, but I AM for ridding smokers and home growers of all felony charges.

  2. I had this same argument with my uber-liberal manchild. He says the same thing; "It's not addictive. It's not a gateway drug." It doesn't matter that I was a child of the 60's and a teen of the 70's and SAW what weed could and did lead to... and that was with what was on the market THEN! Yesterday's weed is to beer as today's weed is to Four Loko. Did everyone who toked turn to toast? No. Enough of them did move on to the bigger, better high though, to make me think that smoking pot just wasn't the best idea.

    Menchildren know everything though...

    The only reason the Libbies are getting behind legalizing Reekweed is because they're pandering to the teenybopper vote; plain and simple... It plays right into the Libbie handbook; get 'em before they know what the hell is going on.

    Oh; and Bill Clinton didn't inhale. ...Monica did use him as a bong though...