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Thursday, 30 March 2017

When Lines Must Be Drawn

I would suggest that you could increase your chances of scoring with a vegan chick
by turning your guns into the RCMP to be scrapped,
castrating yourself, and disposing of any remaining  self respect you might have.

I can see how this is a problem for even smart people though. Chicken Mom in Coopville loves her poultry overlords and they love her right back. Those critters have personalities and moods and they live happily ever after out there.

Pigs are the worst. They may be delicious and tasty - but I don't care how much you love bacon, if you raise those things and make the mistake of loving them or getting fond of them, you are in big trouble when it is butcher day on the farm! They're smarter than dogs, happy and extroverted animals that will steal your heart if you're not careful.

Or maybe horses are the worst. They take a piece of you when they go. I think that humans have a capacity to bond with them that is hardwired into our genetics. Masters and servants are a superficial construct with serious horses and riders - serious equestrians and their horses become integrated teams with a cohesion that your average NHL team can only dream about.

My stance is that the human animal was designed as a walking trash can that could eat anything - as a survival trait. I am not about to take up tofu. But the Usual Suspects are warned! If you start telling rude bacon jokes, I will tell YOU what goes into that hot dog you're eating. HAR HAR HAR!

Have a good Thursday! Only two more days until the weekend!  :)


  1. Yeah, hot dogs and bologna contain anything from the animal that ISN'T meat. At least they make a slight effort to rinse out the stomach and intestines.

  2. "All animals want to live." I guess it comes down to who wants to live more.

    Pet....Food; were do you draw the line? I guess it depends on how hungry I am.

    I reiterate: PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals.