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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

American Prude

Hmmmmmmmmm. I'm starting to read the mainstream media again and that probably isn't a good thing. I ignore the obvious troll pieces, the click-bait, and liberal propaganda and empty virtue signalling- but sometimes I get sucked into that media-owned intellectual vacuum chamber in spite of myself - and actually find things worthy of thought.

Can you imagine their chagrin? Those American bastards don't want their kids reading about Canadian kids that have been raised by gay hipsters, neosocialists, and faux intellectuals - trying to come of age! The bloody gall!!! Needless to say, this struck a few cords in my soul that I would like to share with you filthy Christian conservative American swine.

Bill Cosby once said that you can be an absolutely incompetent parent... and still have great kids. We all know that's true and most of us have seen it. I have always liked Bill Cosby and I don't believe the accusations currently against him for a second - I think those charges are blow back from Bill's refusal to make excuses for blacks that act like niggers - but whatever. I am here to tell you that you can do everything right as a parent - and your kids can still turn out to be a net loss. It isn't fair, it's life.

Didjya read that first comment in reply to the story? This is why I love Americans in general and Texans in particular:

"Oh, please, of course Jillian Tamaki wants to corrupt kids, she just doesn't want anyone to call it that. If a kid asks whether he or she should be reading something, it's already too late unless you're one of those go-anywhere do-anything from the age of six types, which is what she and NP are pushing here. We are all raising our children in septic sludge and they're just blending in more feces and hoping to profit from it. Backers call it "realism" but it wasn't realism until these people started shoveling these books, TV shows and movies out. Until then there actually were a few moments of innocence in kids' lives somewhere between age two and fourteen. But now you can forget that, or should one say, you can effing forget that. Feel better? Got your fix of "f" for the day, or at least the next couple of minutes?"

HAR HAR HAR! Awesome!!!! And the Canadian replies! Comedy gold! They accuse our Texan friend of trying to squelch free speech!!! These are the same turd brains that will shit their pants with rage if you say something inconveniently truthful about blacks, women or queers! HAR HAR HAR!

Maybe my advice as a failed parent is more worthy, maybe not. I am not sure of myself on this one, and will grant that anybody that disagrees with me on this may be right and I may be wrong. But: this shit is out there. In public schools promiscuity, homosexuality, feminism, single mummery and a host of other social ills are being pushed as healthy and wholesome.

It's been my life experience that things that cause me problems require more exposure in order to develop methods to overcome them. If I was weak in math, I learned to concentrate on math and study harder and put more effort into it. When my horse balked and shied at the approach of a dirt bike, well - he needed more exposure to dirt bikes to see that they were harmless. I learned too late in life that problems need to be confronted and overcome - not evaded or feared. They sure as hell shouldn't be tolerated. It is a mindset I tri\y to instill in my kids, my coworkers, and my friends.

I hate to say it, but if you Yanks don't sit down with your kids and talk about this shit - somebody else will, and if you are a responsible parent... you may not like what your kid is being told. If you look at how liberals and progs 'come of age' - you see that they don't, actually. Look at the snow flakes and cry bullies with their safe places - look at the 30-something hipster kidults, and the 20-somethings living in their parent's basement. Their ideas about coming of age and growing up are as warped as their ideas about sexuality! In that light, maybe it makes sense to ban this type of crap and keep it away from the youngsters - hell, I dunno.

It's all food for thought. Hold your kids close if ya can, and have a good Wednesday.


  1. You hurt my feelings, Filthie; I'm gonna go hide in the outhouse!

    1. Take some TP and a can of air freshener Gorges! I left a treat in there for you! ;)